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The first Saturn to hit the roads, the S-series were in production for around a decade, offering their owners a reliable and fun ride backed up by excellent warranty and service experience. The Saturn's trademark dent- and rust-proof polymer body panels were prominently used in these cars' design offering even more daily use utility. The S-series were available in sedan, coupé or wagon body trims fit for any driver and use scenario. Another nice feature of an S-series coupé is the driver side rear hinged door for easy rear seat access. This front-wheel drive Saturn is powered by a 1.9-liter four, producing up to 124 hp, through the 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission.

We've got all the coolest performance parts for your S-series Saturn at CARiD, crafted by the top names in aftermarket industry. The Saturn S-Series air intakes we stock are a simple and efficient way to enhance your car's power output – high quality air filters, short ram and cold air intakes we've got will supply your engine with large volumes of cool, clean air for efficient fuel combustion, resulting both in improved performance and better fuel economy. Our items are designed to fit your car's engine and are easy to install, letting you enjoy the driving right off.

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    • AEM® Cold Air Intake System
      (46 reviews)
      # sp156
      Cold Air Intake System by AEM®. To deliver cooler air to the engine, this air intake system places the air filter outside the engine compartment. Cooler air is denser than warm air and so contains more oxygen, which results in...
      $136.99 - $474.99
    • K&N® 57 Series Generation II Air Intake Kit
      (49 reviews)
      # sp89
      57 Series Generation II Air Intake Kit by K&N®. This kit improves airflow into your engine. It includes a K&N air filter and a custom designed air intake tube. The K&N filter increases the airflow and the intake tube smoothes that...
      $173.99 - $837.99
    • Weapon-R® Dragon Air Intake System
      (106 reviews)
      # sp1660
      Dragon Air Intake System by Weapon-R®. Increased airflow and air volume into your engine results in more horsepower and torque. The Dragon Air Intake System is designed to maximize airflow and engine performance. 50-States Street...
      $51.00 - $293.25
    • AEM® Short Ram Air Intake System
      (33 reviews)
      # sp157
      Short Ram Air Intake System by AEM®. This system is an economical alternative to AEM's Cold Air Intake system. The Short Ram system installs easily under the hood, and on some applications outperforms the longer cold air design.
      $92.99 - $369.99
    • Weapon-R® Secret Weapon Air Intake System
      (152 reviews)
      # sp1662
      Secret Weapon Air Intake System by Weapon-R®. The Secret Weapon Air Intake System uses patented technology to feed the engine 3 times as much air as other systems. As a result, engine performance is increased more than with any...
      $169.15 - $378.25
    • K&N® 33 Series Panel Air Filter
      (151 reviews)
      # sp6126
      33 Series Air Filter by K&N®. A K&N 33 series OE replacement air filter is designed to increase horsepower and acceleration. These washable and reusable panel air filters are easy to install because they fit directly into the...
      $35.99 - $95.99
    • K&N® E Series Round Air Filter
      (12 reviews)
      # sp6127
      E Series Air Filter by K&N®. K&N E Series round automotive air filters are designed to replace your restricted factory air filter for additional horsepower and performance. These filters are washable, reusable and last up to 50,000...
      $29.99 - $363.99

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    • Performance Parts
      We all know that achieving better fuel economy while driving puts money back in your pocket and does the environment a favor. But for those who are actively interested in squeezing the most out of every drop of gas, getting more miles per gallon can actually become a sport - especially if a vehicle has a manual transmission that can be upshifted earlier and put into neutral during downhill grades or when coasting to a stop sign.
    • Performance Parts
      In today's world, saving money wherever possible has become essential. But it's important not to lose sight of the fact that, sometimes, a product that costs more up front will save you more money over time. In our business, we've seen far too many consumers judge products solely on the basis of their initial cost, completely neglecting any long-term economy and benefits. When it comes to automobiles, "performance" air filters are a perfect example of this.
    • Performance Parts
      Aftermarket air intake systems have become one of the most popular engine modifications available for late model cars and trucks. An easy question to ask is why are these so popular? After all, didn't engineers who work for your vehicle manufacturer spend years developing the best engine components available? Since power and fuel economy are major selling points these days, it's hard to imagine car companies not doing everything they can to maximize horsepower, miles per gallon, or both.
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      There are many types of aftermarket air intake systems that range from simple and inexpensive to elaborate. In the scope of this article, we'll examine the different types of air intakes, what they do, and look at a few specific product examples of each. But in short, performance air intake setups increase airflow into your engine - boosting combustion and creating more horsepower and torque that you can actually feel. Their relatively low cost and easy installation (bolt-on in most cases) keeps them in popular demand by car enthusiasts that own everything from 1.5-liter turbo motors to big block V8 engines.
    • Performance Parts
      An intake manifold is an integrated assembly that sits atop the engine, consisting of a series of tubes which distribute fresh outside air to each and every cylinder. On V-shaped engine blocks, an intake manifold typically sits between the two cylinder banks while inline engines may feature a manifold to the side of the cylinder head. Intake manifolds serve as a mounting point for carburetors, throttle body assemblies, fuel injectors, thermostats, and more depending on vehicle manufacturer engineering preferences. Intake manifolds may also serve to route coolant through dedicated channels in order to remove heat from the engine. Because of their location and functionality, intake manifold assemblies are under constant stress from engine vacuum pressure as well as direct heat from coolant, cylinder combustion gasses, and the cylinder heads to which they are mounted.

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    • Centric® Premium Brake Master Cylinder
      (0 reviews)
      # 19180345
      {make} {model} {year}, Premium Brake Master Cylinder by Centric®. {short description}
      $72.03 - $72.76
    • Walker® Front Pipe
      (0 reviews)
      # 18132860
      {make} {model} {year}, Stainless Steel Aluminized Front Pipe by Walker®. Outlet Diameter: 2.125". Inlet / Outlet Quantity: 1 Inlet / 1 Outlet. Inlet Connection Type: 3 Bolt Welded Flange. Outlet Connection Type: Pipe Connection....
      $62.54 - $66.90
    • Dorman® Harmonic Balancer
      (0 reviews)
      # 16603690
      {make} {model} {year}, Harmonic Balancer by Dorman®. {short description}
      $30.73 - $34.82

    Saturn S-series Performance Air Intake Systems Reviews

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    I Didn't Believe it... MPG Increase
    Simply Put ... My Gas mileage increased by 3 MPG after installing this air filter. I wasn't expecting it and was surprised by a jump from 25.7 and 24.7 mpg before... to 29.6 and 28.5 after install. The previous paper filter didn't look dirty at all and I felt bad doing the replacement at the time because I assumed I had a lot more miles left in the old filter.
    DPosted by Daniel (Bridgeport, CT) /
    1997 Saturn S-series
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