About Saturn L-Series

    The Saturn L-Series is a line of automobiles sold by the General Motor's Company. L-series is a mid-sized sedan which was firstly introduced in 2000. The vehicle was based on the Opel Vectra platform. The cars were available with 4 cylinder V6 engines equipped with either 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. Due to the low commercial profit the production was canceled in the year 2005. The Saturn Aura became a model replacing L-Series,and its production commenced in 2006.

    The L-Series sedan had a similar engine that was installed in the earlier produced S-Series. In 2001st series vehicle side-curtain bags became optional. Innovations also touched model designations, LS1 became L200, LS2 became L300, LW1 became LW200, and LW2 became LW300. Some renewals took place in 2002, when alloy wheel, automatic air conditioning and rear DVD entertainment became available. In 2003 major renewals were applied to Saturn L-Series parts: new edition received chromed grill and new taillights.

    In 2004 the 'L200' and 'LW200' were renamed into 'L300'. Antilock brakes system became standard for all vehicles, automatic air-conditioning system was replaced with the manual one in order to reduce complexity. All the cars were equipped only with 4-speed automatic transmissions. In 2005 the production of wagon editions was terminated, and the only edition available was a sedan. The only customizable option available was a power moonroof, other options had to be dropped in order to reduce production complexity.

    When it comes to reliable performance coupled with a tasteful, stylish profile, there is not a whole lot of competition for the Saturn L-Series. One of the more attractive offerings from Saturn over the last decade, the L-Series encompasses a solid mix of what drivers need: refined handling due to solid auto parts, a comfortable interior spread, and a host of driver options. The L-Series has become a modern-classic, out of production but still highly visible, thanks to its spotless reputation. One of the more versatile and accommodating models in recent years, the Saturn L-Series is still a force to be reckoned with and has to be treated with the best accessories only.

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