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    Featured on our site is the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. These Saturn fuel delivery parts are designed to boost the performance of your car. To achieve this ambitious feat they allow the use of lower octane fuel which they can then boost for enhanced engine performance. They also increase the centane and lubricity in the diesel fuel for better power handling. Since they enhance better fuel quality, they deliver improved horsepower and torque in your car. This high quality fuel further reduces the amount of harmful emission from the exhausts as well as reducing the need for oil changes over a given period of time. Injectors, jet plugs and other delicate engine components are also kept squeaky clean which translates in massive saving in replacement parts and enhanced engine performance. They are completely maintenance free and you can just install and forget all about it. Since they are test fitted in each and every application they install directly in your fuel line just like a fuel filter. They are further backed by a 250,000 miles limited warranty that covers a wide range of possible damages and defects.

    You will also find the Airtex Master/Fuel Pump. These Saturn fuel delivery parts are designed to infuse your engine with large amounts of fuel for enhanced performance. They feature a fuel pressure range of between 90-80psi and flow rates of between 50-60gph. They weigh 3.28lbs and come with a high flow strainer inlet and a quick connect outlet for a smooth installation. They are designed to install directly into the existing fuel lines since they are crafted under the OE standards of top quality and long lasting durability. They feature all the necessary tools and detailed instructions, for a smooth stress free installation. They are further backed by a 1 year warranty from Airtex.

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