Saab 9000 Trailer Hitches

Buying furniture online has been done for years because many people don’t have the means to transport their furniture to their home. But what do you do when you find that beautiful living room or dining room set in a local shop but your SAAB 9000 can’t move it all? That’s simple! Use a trailer and trailer hitch to move your furniture from the store to your home quickly and easily. There are tons of different SAAB 9000 trailer hitches at CARID. There are hitches of all classes, size, color, shape, style and design. Each one has different qualities making it unique from the other hitches available. It’s important to purchase your trailer then trailer hitch to make sure you get one that fits perfectly. Before choosing a trailer hitch however, consider all of the classes. Some of the hitches can only handle a small load of weight. For instance, lower class trailer hitches can’t hold more than a few thousand pounds. Higher class trailer hitches however can hold up to 10000 pounds. Small furniture like lamps, dressers or night stands can be moved with a cargo carrier. The Universal Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. It also has a platform that’s 20x60 inches, more than enough space to load some furniture.

When choosing your trailer hitch, be sure you get the right class. A Class I has a weight limit of only 2000lbs. This is great for light loads. Class II trailer hitches have a total capacity of 3500lbs. A small/medium trailer is no problem for this class size. A Class III trailer hitch has a weight capacity of 5000lbs, more than enough for a medium/large trailer full of furniture. Weight capacities that are up to 10000lbs can be handled with a Class IV trailer. Extra large trailers that are over 10000 pounds can be hauled with a Class V trailer. These are especially good when furnishing a business.

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