About Saab 9000

    The Swedish automaker Saab introduced its first executive car, the Saab 9000, in 1985. The new model was based on the Type Four platform shared with Alfa Romeo 164, Lancia Thema, and Fiat Croma. The last two models were similar to the Saab 9000, while the Alfa Romeo 164 had only the same chassis. In comparison with Saab 900, the 9000 was shorter and featured longer wheelbase and larger interior space. The Saab 9000 was offered in two generations. The company produced this executive vehicle till 1998, when it replaced the 9000 with the Saab 9-5.

    The first generation Saab 9000 came in 1984, and it was available in one body style: a 5-door hatchback. The power train included water-cooled DOHC V16 four-inter-cooled cylinder turbocharged engine rating 175 hp that was mated to a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. A normally aspirated engine rating 130 hp was also available. In 1988 the company introduced a 4-door sedan with a conventional trunk, named the CD. On the United States market, the 4-door sedan Saab 9000 was offered with a turbocharged engine only. In 1990 the Saab 9000 CD and turbocharged 9000S models were fitted with Saab Direct Ignition. The B234 2.3L engine became larger and now developed 150 hp in the normally aspirated engine and 200 hp in the 9000 Turbo.

    The second generation Saab 9000 came with the new CS trim in 1991. The 9000 featured lowered front fascia and such Saab parts, as the refined grille, and new headlights. There were available the following trims: CS, CSE, CD, and CDE. The CSE and CS models were equipped with a 2.3L inline four-cylinder turbocharged or normally aspirated engine. The CS Turbo had a low-pressure turbocharger unit developing 170 hp, while the CSE Turbo came with a full-pressure turbo producing 200 hp. The Trionic 5, new management system for the turbocharger, was offered for the 1993 model year. This system included resistor spark plugs used to detect the engine knock, instead of the knock sensors installed into the block of the engine in the previously used APC system. In 1995 the CDE sedan and CSE hatchback became available with a 3.0L V6 engine rating 210 hp. In a year, the CDE model was discontinued in the United States.

    The limited edition 9000 CD Griffin was unveiled for the 1992 model year and came with such luxury features as advanced electrical options, air conditioning system for rear seat, rear window blinds, and walnut trim. The 1993 brought the Aero. Not a single Saab, produced afterwards was as strong and powerfull as the Aero. The power came from the Saab's 2.3L engine producing 225 hp that was paired with automatic transmission. The Aero accelerated from 50 to 75 mph faster than Ferrari Testarossa or Porsche Carrera. The Aero featured 8-way heated sport seats, sport suspension, and 16-inch Super Aero wheels. The Aero production was discontinued in 1998. To mark Saab's 50th anniversary, the company unveiled limited edition "Anniversary." There were produced 1400 cars of this model, and only 400 of them were exported to the United States.

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