Saab 900 Bumpers & Valances

The 900 is getting older but it’s still the kind of vehicle that becomes an important tool in your day to day life because it gives you the comfort and space you need for your everyday tasks. That’s why we have a range of visual upgrades that can have your 900 looking great every time you drive it so that you know it’s making the right statements to everyone who sees it. They cost less than you would expect and they’re the easiest way to show everyone that you look after your car!

It’s important to target the right areas with visual upgrades and one of the most important areas is the exterior which is why our SAAB 900 body kits are a fantastic option. We have a range of parts so that you can find just the right ones to completely transform your vehicle and make it an extension of your own personality or just add the finishing touches to it to complete it. We have the right brands to give you the quality that your vehicle deserves and once you’ve finished choosing parts you’ll wonder why you ever drove a vehicle that looked standard!