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Road Armor Bumpers

If you like the vehicle you drive, you should do your best to protect it. One of the first things you should buy to protect your vehicle is an upgraded bumper. A good, solid bumper can guard your vehicle from damage sustained in accidents, small and large. Stock bumpers might defend you from very minor fender benders, but they are simply not strong enough to hold up in a real accident.

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    One of the most prominent manufacturers of aftermarket bumpers in the industry is Road Armor. We have been selling Road Armor products for years now, and we have noted a very high rate of customer satisfaction with these particular parts. We also have compared Road Armor bumpers to the bumpers made by competing companies, and the difference is clear – Road Armor simply makes a better bumper!

    Road Armor - FAQRoad Armor - WarrantyRoad Armor - About

    This Texas-based company has been in the automotive industry for many years, and during that time they have developed a track record of producing quality parts and satisfying their customers. Road Armor products are proudly made in the USA, and the manufacturer actively participates in their local community. Road Armor is also a very charitable organization, and they are a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior project, which helps provide fun activities for wounded veterans and their families.

    Road Armor manufactures both standard bumpers and winch bumpers for industrial and off road use. They make bumpers for Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Toyota, and Hummer vehicles, and they are constantly adding new products to their catalog. Apart from bumpers, Road Armor also manufactures brush guards for Ford and Chevy trucks. ALL of their products are made using the same high-quality manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art technology. Every piece that Road Armor makes undergoes thorough testing before it is sold to the public.

    • ROAD ARMOR® - Front Bumper on Ford F-350
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Heavy Duty Front Bumper on Ford F-150
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Stealth Winch Bumper on Chevy Silverado 2500
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Off-Road Front Bumper
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Front Winch Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Front Winch Bumper with Round Light Mounts
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Front Winch Bumper with Lonestar Guard and Round Light Mounts
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Front Bumper with Round Light Mounts on Ford
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Front Winch Bumper with Titan II Guard and Square Light Mounts
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Winch Bumper with Round Light Mounts on GMC Sierra
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Fleet Series Black Powdercoated Brush Guard
    • ROAD ARMOR® - Winch Bumper on Toyota

    Road Armor has been an innovator in the bumper industry ever since 2002, when they released their Stealth line of bumpers. Today, many companies try to imitate and reproduce Road Armor products, but without success. You may be able to find a part that LOOKS like a Stealth bumper from Road Armor, but, rest assured, it will NOT hold up nearly as well as a genuine Road Armor product. Road Armor is a fairly large company, having manufactured and sold more than 10,000 bumpers since 2002. However, they are committed to quality over everything else, so they never sacrifice the value of their products for continued expansion. The Road Armor facilities are fairly small, given the overall size of the company. This allows them to focus on the details and keep their quality level up.

    Road Armor Reviews
    Average rating: 4.5 4.7 - 13 reviews
    2013 Toyota Tacoma | Posted by Adam | (Martinsburg, WV)

    Very well built bumper. The installation was easy with online videos created by road armor. When installing do not try to read the directions provided, they are very vague. Looks great and fits perfectly. Would recommend a light bar mounted on top it the bumper for sure as Road Armor left a sizable gap between the bumper and grille.

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