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Owning a truck in the wintertime can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you don’t have a garage. Investing in a retractable tonneau cover can save you a ton of time by keeping snow and leaves from falling into your truck bed. The cover offers an easy solution to anyone who is sick of digging leaves from their bed in the morning. They can reduce aerodynamic drag, and can even increase fuel mileage by up to 10%!

Retractable tonneau covers are great because they are easy to slide, which makes closing and opening it a very simple task. Besides, they are simple to install and make your truck look complete. has a great selection of retractable tonneau covers as well as many other parts and accessories for all makes and models. So whatever product you're looking for, you're sure to find it right here.

If you don’t have a retractable tonneau cover on your truck, it will absolutely function properly, but you’re definitely missing out on the convenience of having one. Having one will secure any equipment in your truck by locking it up tight. Most retractable tonneau covers come in a very appealing slick black color that will make your truck look well cared for. It also helps tremendously with drag because the cover bypasses the air past the tailgate without it being able to force the truck back.

A retractable tonneau cover has double walled aluminum pieces that can support up to 500 pounds on top, which makes it very durable. It can be adjusted with the spring tensioner to many different spots on the bed, for a variety of different retracted lengths, meaning whether you just want to cover a small piece of your truck bed or the whole thing, you can. Since the cover is so durable, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have to replace it, leaving you money to spend on other parts or accessories you may want.

While the cover is able to support a lot of weight, some people take that fact for granted and sometimes the cover can be overloaded, causing it to cave in. A sure sign of too much weight is that you may notice dents in the aluminum, indicating that your cover is starting to get weak in that area. If you notice that your retractable tonneau cover is dented, nothing should be placed on top of it and you should consider investing in a new one so that your truck can be back at full strength in no time.

While the retractable tonneau cover is super easy to install, not everything can be perfect all the time. If you find after installing your cover that it isn’t fitting the back of your truck properly, try taking it off and reinstalling it as it may just not be lined up properly. If it still doesn’t seem to fit right, check to make sure that you’ve purchased the right one for your make and model of vehicle. Although the basis is the same, some truck beds are different and the covers are made to fit each make and model like a glove.

A retractable tonneau cover can be a useful addition to your truck. At the very least, even if you never use it to store anything you can rest easy knowing that you’re saving on gas by owning one. If you’re looking for one at a great price, we’ve got what you need here at CARiD. We also have many other great parts and accessories for the interior and exterior of your vehicle so that you can easily make your vehicle unique. If you’re still not sure that we’re the right company for you, just check over retractable tonneau cover reviews and see what our current customers have to say.

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All tonneau cover types will provide protection from sunlight and UV rays, and keep strong winds from blowing debris into or items out of the bed. Some covers offer sophisticated water draining systems that work similarly to the gutters on your house, directing rainwater in channels to a drain hose. Read on to find out, which tonneau cover is right for your truck.
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2010 Ford F-250
| Posted by | (Rockville, MD)

I installed this cover on my F-250 by myself. Pretty easy to do (2 people to lift the unit in place would be a little easier). Great cover.

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