Renault Dash Covers

The Renault is probably the first French automaker to cross one's mind when talking about French cars. It is historically is so, that French and Italian cars are mostly small and compact to be agile and maneuverable. Together with small sizes and little engines, these cars are famous for their fuel efficiency and low emissions. The Renault vehicles are known for respectively cheap replacement parts and decent durability. Later models gradually became more comfortable with some luxurious features from inside and outside of it.

CARiD has a great variety of automotive parts and accessories not only for American vehicle but also for some European ones, such as Renault, Fiat or Peugeot. To give you better protection in hot summer days, we offer a good deal of custom made dashboard covers available in different materials and painted in different colors. Be sure they will make your saloon look better and your eyes safe from sudden blinding sun reflections. Coverking and DashMat are the brands to manufacture these products for your car at really affordable prices. You can choose suede or velour one-piece molded dash cover to protect your dash board for UV-rays. To have more information just contact us.

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