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Established in 1963, Powerbuilt is now one of the most eminent companies engaged in designing and crafting tool, lift, and storage equipment. This brand is a division of Alltrade Tools LLC, marketed by this undisputed leader in the tool industry for worldwide distribution. At present, Powerbuilt is deservedly popular for its complete dedication to manufacturing only first grade products.

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    • Powerbuilt® A/C Clutch Remover / Installer Kit
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      # 16795760
      A/C Clutch Remover / Installer Kit by Powerbuilt®.
      Made with precision and quality in mindDesigned to meet your specific needs
      $63.34 - $72.41
    • Powerbuilt® 10 Gallon Air Tank
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      # 2340456
      10 Gallon Air Tank by Powerbuilt®.
    • Powerbuilt® Air Hold & Compression Check Kit
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      # 2339699
      Air Hold & Compression Check Kit - 8 Pc by Powerbuilt®.
    • Powerbuilt® Engine Cradle
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      # 2340117
      Engine Cradle - 1000 Lb by Powerbuilt®.
    • Powerbuilt® Engine Leveler with Handle
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      # 2340102
      Engine Leveler with Handle - 1500 Lbs by Powerbuilt®.
    • Powerbuilt® Ball Joint Service Kit #72
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      # 2339798
      Ball Joint Service Kit #72 - 10 Pc by Powerbuilt®. Kit tools are for removing and installing most sizes of press-fit ball joints found on domestic and import rear wheel drive cars, as well as Ford, GM and Dodge two and four wheel...
    • Powerbuilt® Bearing Race and Seal Installer Kit
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      # 2339649
      Bearing Race and Seal Installer Kit by Powerbuilt®. For installing tapered bearing races and seals. Kit Includes 9 adapters: 1.565", 1.75", 1.965", 2.31", 2.47", 2.555", 2.83", 2.995", 3.18" and drive handle. Storage case keeps...
    • Powerbuilt® Power Puller
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      # 2340264
      Power Puller - 2 Ton by Powerbuilt®. For securing loads, fencing jobs, hand winching and more. Laminated plate steel gear and ratchet dog for strength and durability. 11 foot max reach.
    • Powerbuilt® Brake Cylider Retainer Remover
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      # 2339522
      Brake Cylider Retainer Remover by Powerbuilt®. For removing the rear wheel cylinder retainer on GM X and J body cars. Releases the spring clip retainer that attaches the rear brake cylinder to backing plate.
    • Powerbuilt® Brake Rotor Resurfacing Kit
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      # 2339538
      Brake Rotor Resurfacing Kit by Powerbuilt®. Kit Includes: Holder and 10 sanding discs and 2 pieces of velcro. Runs at speeds of 1200 rpm or less for best results.
    • Powerbuilt® Combination Wrench Set
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      # 16796015
      Combination Wrench Set by Powerbuilt®.
      Made with precision and quality in mindDesigned to meet your specific needs
      $18.49 - $63.97
    • Powerbuilt® Combo 2/3 Jaw Reversible Gear Puller Kit
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      # 16795862
      Combo 2/3 Jaw Reversible Gear Puller Kit by Powerbuilt®. For pulling gears and pulleys. 3-1/4-in. reach, 4-in. spread, 4-ton capacity. Heavy duty drop-forged yoke and heat treated jaws. Can be used with either two or three jaws....
      Conforms with ANSI StandardsHeat Treaded for Maximum Durability
    • Powerbuilt® Deluxe Axle Nut Socket Kit #61
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      # 2339883
      Deluxe Axle Nut Socket Kit #61 - 9 Pc (648991) by Powerbuilt®. For removing front wheel drive axle nuts. Tough 6-point chrome vanadium sockets are impact rated. Kit contains 27mm, 29mm, 30mm, 32mm, 33mm, 34mm, 35mm, 36mm and 38mm...
    • Powerbuilt® Double Cup Valve Grinders
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      # 2339617
      Double Cup Valve Grinders - 2 Pc by Powerbuilt®. For hand lapping valves and valve seats. Hardwood handles. 9" tool with 1-1/8" and 1-3/8" cups, 8" tool with 5/8" and 13/16" cups. Synthetic rubber cups are resistant to chemical...
    • Powerbuilt® Double Flaring Tool Set
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      # 2339547
      Double Flaring Tool Set - 7 Pc (940648) by Powerbuilt®. 7 Piece set includes flaring bar and yoke. 5 Double flare dies for tubing sizes 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch outer diameter.
    • Powerbuilt® Engine Stand
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      # 16795768
      Engine Stand by Powerbuilt®. Heavy duty tubular steel construction. 4-point universal mounting brackets fit most domestic/import engines. 360 degree rotating engine bracket with multi-position lock for maximum rebuilding...
      Conforms with ANSI StandardsHeat Treaded for Maximum Durability
      $67.29 - $91.70
    • Powerbuilt® Fuel & Transmission Line Disconnect Kit #59
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      # 2339680
      Fuel & Transmission Line Disconnect Kit #59 by Powerbuilt®. For quick and easy separation of the special couplings found between fuel lines and fuel filters, and at ends of radiator-to-transmission oil cooler lines on Ford Motor...
    • Powerbuilt® Harmonic Balancer Puller/ Installer
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      # 16795784
      Harmonic Balancer Puller/ Installer by Powerbuilt®.
      Made with precision and quality in mindDesigned to meet your specific needs
      $11.92 - $72.70
    • Powerbuilt® Harmonic Damper Puller Puller Kit #30
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      # 2339685
      Harmonic Damper Puller Puller Kit #30 by Powerbuilt®. Low-profile design pulls the balancer pulley with engine and radiator in the vehicle. For most late model Chrysler and Mitsubishi vehicles.
    • Powerbuilt® Heavy Duty Strut Coil Spring Compressor
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      # 2339889
      Heavy Duty Strut Coil Spring Compressor by Powerbuilt®. External Coil Spring Compressor makes it easy to compress coil springs from outside the spring, and works on many automotive and light truck shock absorbers.
    • Powerbuilt® Hub Puller Kit #4
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      # 2339874
      Hub Puller Kit #4 - 2 Pc by Powerbuilt®. For pulling automotive wheel hubs including front hubs on front wheel drive vehicles and rear hubs on rear wheel drive, independent rear suspension vehicles. Pullers employ a 4-hole design...

    The company collaborates with leading test laboratories and independent examination institutes in order to ensure that its products meet internationally accepted standards. Engineered and refined by the most qualified professionals, the Powerbuilt product line is the result of arduous work directed towards creating top-grade, highly competitive tools and equipment. Powerbuilt's centers are found worldwide, namely in the USA, Germany, Australia, Japan, etc.

    • Powerbuilt Bottle Jack
    • Powerbuilt Leak Detection Kit
    • Powerbuilt 8in1 Wrench
    • Powerbuilt Wheel Lug Wrench
    • Powerbuilt Wrench Kit
    • Powerbuilt Hoist
    • Powerbuilt Cluth Tool
    • Powerbuilt Stand System
    • Powerbuilt Stand
    • Powerbuilt 8in1 Wrench Buy
    • Powerbuilt Tool Box
    • Powerbuilt Dual Head Wrench

    All Powerbuilt tools are manufactured according to the rigorous ANSI (American National Standards Institute) specifications as well as designed to meet and exceed other international certification standards. Uncompromising commitment to quality, keeping abreast of technological progress, and endeavor to hold a leading position on the tool market best describe Powerbuilt team's philosophy. The company is not only trusted by mechanic engineers and do-it-yourself users but also recommended by leading automotive brands.

    It is worth mentioning that Powerbuilt is a license holder of Kawasaki Power Tools. The company constantly expands the range of tools and equipment that aim to make work faster, easier, and safer. Being a willing participant of international shows, fests, and fairs taking place in Germany, France, and many other countries, Powerbuilt strives to introduce novelties and innovations as well as stay up-to-date with the demands of the fast-developing industry. In brief, the brand stays loyal to its motto - to manufacture "serious tools for serious work."

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    2012 Ford Fusion | Posted by William C | (Canyon Country, CA)

    Has every thing I needed too replace my front & rear pads.

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