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    Your Porsche is the kind of vehicle that gives you fun and exciting driving, and this requires a certain amount of maintenance so you can keep enjoying it. One thing you need to be watching is the tire pressure, because lower tire pressure will cause a number of problems like extra wear and tear, difficulty stopping and trouble getting around corners at any reasonable speed. However, we have a wide range of Porsche TPMS sensors so you can forget about having to stop and check every time you decide to go for a real drive!

    TPMS sensors are a great addition to your vehicle because they can allow you to receive a warning when the tire pressure drops below a certain level, which means you do not have to worry whether you are going to have trouble trying to stop. We offer the quality brands your vehicle needs so you know you can rely on them to give you the right information for a long time to come. We even have great prices on everything we offer so you know you are going to get serious value for every dollar you spend!

    We sell a lot of tires and wheels here at CARiD. Our Wheel Tem is constantly on the phone with customers to make sure their new wheels and tires will fit properly. We get feedback every day from our customers, and 1 of them have given us a rating of with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars stars out of five. We’re sure to have a wheel/tire/TPMS combo that’s a good fit, and a great look for your car or truck. Whether you need a mud/snow tire for your pickup or a 30” spinner for your custom donk, here at CARiD we can make your dream come true.

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    2008 Porsche Cayenne
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    "Didn't dare to install them by myself. Asked a friend to help me and saw how he did it, so on winter tires I'm gonna put them by myself."