Porsche Carrera Air Intakes

The Carrera is known for its style and performance and if you’re lucky enough to own one then you know that it can start a stirring which requires you to get more and more from it. Of course, that means performance upgrades and you’ve come to the right place because we have everything you need to turn your Carrera into a monster or just improve it slightly. Our Porsche Carrera air intakes are the perfect upgrade to start with and we have them at prices that will leave you wondering why you didn’t buy one earlier!

The right air intake is important for your vehicle because it determines how much air will reach your engine and what temperature it will be at when it arrives to be burnt with the fuel. We have all the different types like the short ram intake which allows your engine to get more air from the atmosphere so that there is more to burn or the cold air intake that improves performance by allowing your engine to get cooler air than it otherwise would. Each type has its own strengths and we have everything you need to make a choice!

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An intake manifold is an integrated assembly that sits atop the engine, consisting of a series of tubes which distribute fresh outside air to each and every cylinder. On V-shaped engine blocks, an intake manifold typically sits between the two cylinder banks while inline engines may feature a manifold to the side of the cylinder head. Intake manifolds serve as a...
Most aftermarket air filters are constructed from multiple layers of cotton gauze, which are sandwiched between wire mesh that is formed into pleats. The layers of oiled cotton fibers are able to trap dirt particles that are even smaller than the holes in the filter media. The airflow stays consistent between cleanings, for optimal combustion.
The easiest way to improve airflow to your engine is just by changing your stock air filter to an aftermarket performance air filter. There’s an aftermarket air intake system for every budget and every application. Even if you have a hot rod or custom car, or if your car’s just not listed in a catalog, you can still get a quality system. Everyone, regardless of...