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    Porsche Expands Its Leipzig Facility for the Cajun
    Porsche Expands Its Leipzig Facility for the Cajun

    Back in March, Porsche supervisory board announced that the upcoming Porsche Cajun would be build at the Lipzig facility. At that moment those were plans only, but this month the vague plan took shape when Matthias Mueller reported that the company would invest around $700M to expand the facility.

    Located in the East Germany, the Leipzig plant opened its doors in 2002 with production of the Porsche Cayenne. It was further expanded seven years later to manufacture the Panamera. In 2012 the company will expand the plant to build the new Cajun. Today, the Leipzig Porsche plant employs over 600 people, and according to the extension plan, there will be created around 1,000 jobs for new workers. The facility itself will get a new 17 hectare production site, with a new body assembly line and a paint shop, and thus it'll become a fully fledged facility.

    The Porsche Cajun is scheduled to go into production in 2013. It is an entry-level crossover based on the Audi Q5, and it will compete with the Mercedes GLK, BMW X3, and Range Rover Evoque. The crossover is a yonger brother to the Porsche Cayenne. The name of the baby SUV is not French, it comes from Cayenne Junior, and for now it's known to be a work name. Though the specifications of the Cajun are pretty vague at the moment, Porsche says that the crossover will borrow from Audi's engine range, and come with a 235bhp 2.0L turbocharged gas or a 180bhp 2.0L diesel engine under the hood.

    Porsche Plans Reviving 550 Spyder
    Porsche Plans Reviving 550 Spyder

    German sportscarmaker can revive its iconic two-seat 550 Spyder. During an interview with the German newspaper representative, Matthias Mueller said, that the famous ''James Dean'' Porsche will be a part of its global plan. The automaker aims to boost annual global sales to more than 200,000 units by 2018.

    Porsche will introduce at least one model every year. The company also wants to improve existing products to satisfy customer's demands and achieve high quality products. The automaker will launch the 911 Carrera, the Cayman, and the Boxter in 2012, which will be the basis for the future sports cars. The Porsche Panamera will be upgraded in 18 month, the hybrid concept of the Panamera will be presented as well. The company is going to produce the 550 Spyder in 2014. To make such plans come true, Porsche needs to built five or six plants worldwide.

    2011 Porsche Panamera Diesel Released
    2011 Porsche Panamera Diesel Released

    Being a fuel efficient GT sedan, Panamera makes 745 miles on full 21-gallon tank which allows to get easily from Washington, DC to Chicago, IL without refueling. In average Panamera consumes 1.7 gallons per 60 miles being equipped with 3.0L six-cylinder turbo diesel engine with rated output of 250hp and a highly efficient eight-speed Tiptonic S. This car easily gets to 60m/h for 6.8 seconds.

    Panamera Diesel is available with rear-wheel drive and adaptive air or standard steel spring suspension. This luxurious four-door diesel Porsche can comfortably accommodate all four passengers. In Germany the Panamera costs 80,183 euro including VAT which is about $119,000 according to the exchange rate. It will be available for export as of August 2011. Porsche AG company officials consider U.S. market as an option as well especially based on the success of diesel-powered Cayenne sales in 2010.