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    Pontiac Vibe to be Discontinued in August
    Pontiac Vibe to be Discontinued in August

    Only about a week ago, General Motors stated that the Vibe would be the last Pontiac to be offered for the retail sales. It now seems that the plan is going to be changed, as GM announced today that the production of the Pontiac Vibe will be discontinued no later than August 2009.

    The Vibe is the twin of the Toyota Matrix, and it was often called a good GM's car only because it's actually Toyota. The car was so good that Fritz Henderson, GM Chief Executive Officer, announced that though the Pontiac brand was planned to be discontinued by the end of 2009, the Vibe production could be extended into 2010. Yet, after the company has done the math, they've found that there were only 11,395 units sold through May, which means that the sales of the wagon are down 35% compared to the same period last year. No surprise that the date was changed.

    The crossover is produced at the Nummi plant (New United Motor Manufacturing) located in Fremont, CA. General Motors jointly runs the plant with Toyota Motor Corp. As the plant also produces the Toyota Tacoma small truck and Corolla compact car, its destiny is not clear yet. It is quite possible that unlike 12 GM's plants scheduled for shutdown Nummin will continue operation.