The most important thing an individual owning a Pontiac Trans Am needs to do is to be inspecting their car regularly to see if there are some damages that need repair. If you are using a car cover though, you can rest assured that your Trans Am will not have any damages. With a cover on, maintaining the Trans Am is not that hard. Custom Pontiac Trans Am car covers are highly on demand since they are designed to fit, meaning they do not leave any parts of the car expose. Most even have allowances for side mirrors, which tells you that the manufacturers went to great lengths to customize these covers for your car. They are also light and portable, affordable, reliable and efficient. Visit CARiD for the widest selection of custom Pontiac Trans Am car covers. Some of the natural factors that cause damage to the make of the Trans Am are moisture, birds’ feces, rain, snow and dust but can be dealt with using the car covers for Pontiac Trans Am.

Pontiac Trans Am car covers like the Coverking Car Cover protect your Trans Am from the harsh rays of the sun and water, since it can withstand the heat from the sun. It also keeps water from penetrating into the car. The Custom Noah Car Cover protects your Pontiac Trans Am from minor scratches and dirt which the car is exposed to when parked inside or outside. You should consider purchasing the Auto Snow Shield Car Cover if you live in an area that experiences snow. Never again will you have to scrape snow off your Trans Am when you have this cover! Purchase the Pontiac Trans Am car cover that is suitable for your storage needs and weather, and watch as your Trans Am retains is brand new look for years.

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Just as with an indoor cover, if you regularly drive your car you’ll want a cover that is light and easy to handle, whereas a cover for long term storage can be heavier. If you live in a rainy humid region you’ll want a cover that sheds water, dries quickly and is breathable so moisture can escape. Areas with intense sunlight will require a cover with maximum...

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2004 Pontiac GTO | Posted by Levi | (Shullsburg, WI)

Looks awesome and fits my 2004 GTO like a glove. Thanks CARiD!

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