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The hood of your Pontiac Sunfire should be kept at its best condition for your own safety on the road. The hood acts as a protective gear over the very vital engine beneath it and should be kept in good condition always. Any structural damage, especially if it counters the body integrity, should be repaired as soon as possible. Now the hood is positioned above the engine, going by the task charged, and is the exposed to stones that may damage its appearance, which will in turn daunt the look of your Pontiac Sunfire. In effect, the car’s resale value is negatively affected. However, there are solutions that will work magic on your vehicle. There are replace custom hoods available in the market that will give you equal service as the original product did and are cost and time effective unlike undertaking repairs in a body shop. All you have to shop for the right hood for your Sunfire.

For the finest Pontiac Sunfire custom hoods, visit CARiD; the leading digital shop for auto parts and accessories. The shop offers a myriad of options and styles for your Pontiac Sunfire. The variety comes in 3 different materials (fiberglass, carbon fiber and stainless steel) to fit each customer’s needs and budget plan. CARiD takes pride in working with top managers such as VIS Racing, RKSport, Vertical Doors and Autoloc. Each brand is skillfully engineered with the incorporation of premium material to give it that characteristic quality and durability. Predator Hood by Duraflex is a great replacement of your hood. This amazingly lightens the front of your car without compromising durability in the process. It is quite stylish and aerodynamic. Amazingly, it incorporates fiberglass, plastic and flex resins to get a unique panel stronger than regular fiberglass. Interestingly, rather than crack and break, it will flex and bend respectively, making installation easy. CARiD is your best bet for a long-term solution to your hood parts.

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Super Cool Hood
2005 Pontiac Sunfire
| Posted by | (Lunenburg, ON)

Great looking on the car, light weight. The fit was good but needed refinishing as it was going to be painted black. Will buy this item again.

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