Pontiac Roof Cargo Boxes

Security is a top priority for most car owners. We make every effort to keep our vehicle, its contents and passengers safe by purchasing insurance or installing safety lock system. If you have a decent lock system, your interior baggage should be safe from thieves and intruders, but if you’re transporting items on the roof of your car, you must have a set of roof racks with locks, and perhaps even a special container that is secure enough. The Pontiac roof racks sold at CARiD.com meet these standards and even exceed them.

Roof racks are made up of three components - rails, towers, and mounts. Usually, they have locks allowing you to fasten items and lock them in. However, attaching items to the racks themselves is not the most practical solution, as they are vulnerable to outside weather conditions, and are easier to access than cargo carriers. We sell a number of containers, including baskets, trays, and boxes. Materials such as aluminum, steel, and reinforced nylon are used to create these products, and their design is perfect for the safety of your belongings.