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    Pontiac Owners Remain Loyal to GM
    Pontiac Owners Remain Loyal to GM

    The aggressive incentives plays that GM made to retain old customers payed off. According to the latest report from Edmundu's Auto Observer, GM managed to improve the retention rate of former Pontiac owners.

    When General Motors got rid of its performance-oriented division last year, there was a speculation that the majority of the Pontiac buyers would shift to another company. The fears proved to be wrong, at least so far. Edmundu's experts analyzed the numbers and found that around 40% (39.9% to be specific) of Pontiac owners that traded in for a new vehicle opted for another GM brand. Compared to 2010, the retention rate is eight percentage points better, which is the best result since 2007, when the company kept the same 39.9% of buyers. Surprisingly, Chevy is the the most popular brand with the former Pontiac admirers, as 28.1% of shoppers opted for the bowtie.

    Those customers that decided to go elsewhere stayed loyal to domestic automakers with 9.4% switching to Ford, and 7.4% jumping to Toyota Motor Sales USA and American Honda Motor Co.

    The Last of the Pontiacs Sold
    The Last of the Pontiacs Sold

    Although the production of the last Pontiac, the G6 Sedan, ended in November 2009, the proud maker of the legendary GTO stayed nominally alive with many new cars left in stock.

    Pontiac’s last breath was recorded almost a year later, on November 1, 2010 when the last remaining new car, the Soltice coupe, was sold. Last year was a period of ghostly existence for Pontiac, as customers showed low interest in the remaining vehicles, regardless of the “limited-quantity appeal”. It was a sad end for the manufacturer that used to set the trend in the muscle car segment and once sold 920,000 vehicles per year.

    However, it may cheer up all Pontiac fans that GM has kept the rights for the brand, so perhaps, Pontiac will rise from the ashes sometime in the future (for instance, Chevrolet considers the return of the El Camino, so everything's possible).