Pontiac GTO Cargo Liner

Pontiac are a classic American car brand, who have produced some of the most iconic vehicles in the American car industry's history. While the Pontiac GTO may not have quite the same long, rich history as other models like the Grand AM or Bonneville, it is still a fantastic example of what Pontiac do well, and also a modern, practical and great looking vehicle that has won the hearts of a whole range of diverse owners across the country. If you are a Pontiac GTO owner and really want to look after your car, then take a look at these great cargo liners for your GTO model.

A cargo liner is specially designed to offer a barrier that is stain resistant, non-slip, tough wearing and easy to clean, that stands between your car's original cargo space and the things you place in the trunk. This protects the original upholstery and carpet in the trunk of your Pontiac GTO from all kinds of potential damage, from spills, worn patches, dirt, tears, dents and scratches. All of the liners you'll find here are made especially for the Pontiac GTO, offering just the right shape and size to protect your trunk. Choose one of these great designs today!

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Many cargo areas are lined with a non-woven material that has excellent properties for collecting dirt and is just about impossible to clean. A custom fit liner covers every crevice of the cargo area, making sure that nothing falls to the side of the liner. Whichever cargo liner you choose, it will almost certainly be a great improvement over the original cargo...