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Just how important is a Pontiac Grill Guard to the health of your vehicle? Just look at it this way: with a Pontiac Grill Guard, sticks, stones, and anything else that presents a threat to your grill, headlights, and surrounding area are thwarted away, giving you a chance to travel peacefully, confidently, and safely. Plus, you keep your ride in good condition, maintaining both its value and its appearance. In fact, Pontiac Grill Guards are a stylish addition to any model’s front-end! CARiD is here with a complete lineup of Pontiac Bull Bars, Pontiac Push Bars, and anything else that secures the front of your machine. Every big-time manufacturer on the planet can be found right here at the best value possible!

We know what it takes to achieve serious exterior protection: Stainless Steel and world-class workmanship. Thanks to names like Westin® and Romik®, in our inventory of Pontiac Grille Guards that is all you’ll find! Each Pontiac Grill Guard we offer is guaranteed to enact a concise OEM fitment and provide unparalleled durability. Here is where it all begins! Give the face of your ride a layer of Stainless Steel defense that is both imposing and classy. It’s one decision you can’t go wrong with.

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Grille guards belong to those few accessories intended to add instant front-end safety and give outstanding looks to light trucks and SUVs. When properly installed, the grille guard provides a tough shield against everyday hazards, including rocks and whatever else obstacles, not to mention other vehicles on the road!
Properly designed, properly built and properly mounted grille guards offer very good protection for a vehicle front. The protective value of small chrome bars protruding under the bumper is debatable, but there is no denying that they look good and that they provide an excellent mount for auxiliary lights.