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    Pontiac G6: The Last of Its Kind
    Pontiac G6: The Last of Its Kind

    Back in April, General Motors announced that it plans to kill the Pontiac brand by the end of the year. The company really sticks to the commitments - last week, the very last Pontiac left the assembly line and headed to a dealership.

    It all happened on Wednesday, November 25, when around 12.45 am a Summit White Pontiac G6 rolled off the assembly line. There was neither celebration nor GM officials or media at hand - only a group of workers that had to oversee the last 100 Pontiac's assembled. They stopped to pose for the pics as the G6 units made their way down the line. That was the only good-buy the 82-year-old Pontiac brand got. Later, the plant will be retooled to manufacture all-new vehicles.

    Pontiac, along with some other GM's brands had to leave us for the General Motors to get federal aid. Despite the pain of shutdown, it all is supposed to pay off in the long run as the company will be able to focus its limited resources and stay alive.