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    Pontiac G5 Named One of the Most Fuel Efficienct Cars
    Pontiac G5 Named One of the Most Fuel Efficienct Cars

    Replacing the outgoing Pontiac Sunfire, the Pontiac G5 debutted as a 2005 model year vehicle. It was built on GM's Delta platform. Its production lasted through 2009 until General Motors discontinued the Pontiac division.

    Pontiac G5 was not an option for family or passenger needs, because of its small size, but it's the cost-effectiveness that made it popular. Its unique electric power steering resulted in the increased fuel efficiency and improved maintenance costs. Thus, the G5 was a good-selling unit in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, where it gained extreme popularity, becoming the best seller in the country. With the impressive fuel economy statistics, Pontiac G5 featured the average of 23 miles per gallon overall. Its power ranged from 145 to 171 hp, basing on the specific engine and year of its construction as well.

    Apart from being a top seller in Canada, the coupe has gained a number of recognitions before it was discontinued. Being one of the most fuel efficient cars in 2009, the G5 ranked the 19th place out of 104. Pontiac G5 was recognized as one of the greenest options by Aceee's Green Book in 2009. As stated by Nada Guides in 2009, the model came as the third best coupe offered under $17,000.