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Pontiac G5 custom hoods are the perfect deal for assurance of safety on the roads and a spectacular look for your ride. They will go a great extent in providing your Pontiac G5 engine with an effective functional and attractive cold air intake system. The hood of your vehicle is versatile. Well, obviously it is the ideal tool for guarding against any possible damage to your precious engine occasioned by foreign objects like stones. Other than being the guard, it is to a great extent a temperature regulator - that is what the scoop does. It improves your car engine performance by safely drawing fresh cool air to the engine to regulate temperatures therein. ABS Hood Scoop by Willpak is one great product that can be a great replacement for the damaged scoop. It is designed to apply to any flat or slightly curved hood surface. These fit snugly and install easily with the 3M adhesive tape. This amazing product is in stock at CARiD.

CARiD is the best place to shop for auto parts and accessories. This digital shop stocks a wide collection of attractive and functional hood styles for your Pontiac G5. They have everything you need to give your vehicle that finishing touch. A good example is the Universal Late Model style Injection Molded Plastic hood scoop by Street Scene. It is made from hand laid fiberglass and will surely put the finishing touch on your G6, bringing out its beauty. Take note that it installs with double sided tape. There are kits too that come with all the components you need to install one complete hood pin. You can try checking out the Universal Hood pin kit by Daystar. CARiD’s stock is from top manufacturers such as RKSport, Daystar and Carbon Creations. Visit CARiD and choose the perfect product for your Pontiac G5.

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