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    Pontiac G3 Faced Snail-Pace Sales
    Pontiac G3 Faced Snail-Pace Sales

    The Pontiac G3, which was introduced last month, may become one of the biggest GM's failures due to the low sales volume.

    As you surely know, the G3 is essentially a twin to the Chevy Aveo. GM decided to sell the subcompact as Pontiac last summer, right when the gas prices reached $4 per gallon. Even though the hatch hasn't been on the market for all that long, it is already struggling way too hard. It was reported by the Wall Street Journal that Pontiac dealers managed to sell only 141 units in March, with this there are 3,479 Pontiacs in stock. Bearing in mind that GM has 2,700 Pontiac stores, it's easy to calculate that with the current sales level, the company has a supply that will last 617 days. If the automaker stops production right now, the last 2009 G3 will leave the dealer lots in December 2010. Hopefully, the numbers can go up. According to GM Spokesperson John McDonald, the G3 is a relatively new model, so it may not yet have won broad public awareness. He also underlined that one-month sales rate of any car is unlikely to stay static for a long time, which is why the Wall Street Journal's calculations may not be that meaningful.