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Did you know that Pontiac G3 car covers offer the G3 protection from natural elements like rain, snow, dust, dirt, moisture, sun, bird droppings and other hazards? Bird droppings tarnish the appearance of your Pontiac G3 since the acid that is present in the feces reacts with the surface of the car, causing discolorations which can only be gotten rid of through a paint job. Rain also contains acid, which again reacts with the car’s metal surface, while dust and dirt obviously makes it look dirty and unpleasant. A worst case scenario you certainly want to avoid is one where dust penetrates into the car’s interior and wrecks havoc on vital car systems. Better avoid that. Faded color, chipped paint, discolored body, cracked dashboard and door handles, rust and mildew are things you shouldn’t have to deal with. Even dusty and worse, smelly cars, are a huge turn-off! Get a car cover and avoid all these.

CARiD sells a hug variety of custom made Pontiac B3 car covers that you can try out. All covers sold here have been developed from cutting edge technology. Some of the Pontiac G3 car covers you can go for include the Coverking Autobody Armor Car Cover, Coverking Universal Car Cover and Coverking Silverguard Car Cover. Coverking Autobody Armor Car Cover has an advantage of stretching to perfectly fit over the G3, thus providing total protection. Coverking’s Custom Universal Car Cover allows your Pontiac to breathe and forms a layer that does not allow the rays of the sun or moisture to pass through. Coverking Silverguard which is normally used where the sun is very hot and sought of forms a thick layer that withstands the heat and sun rays, keeping your G3 clean, attractive and well polished so there will not be any need to repair or even replace it.

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Just as with an indoor cover, if you regularly drive your car you’ll want a cover that is light and easy to handle, whereas a cover for long term storage can be heavier. If you live in a rainy humid region you’ll want a cover that sheds water, dries quickly and is breathable so moisture can escape. Areas with intense sunlight will require a cover with maximum...