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    The Pontiac has been the dream car of many for a long time. Its sporty image and powerful kick gives it a loyal following among its passionate die-hard fans. Installing the appropriate performance exhaust system for your Pontiac provides a bigger kick than before. CARiD stocks a wide range of Pontiac exhaust systems. The Gibson dual cat-back exhaust system is one you ought to consider. It has a super flow muffler that allows unrestricted exhaust flow producing, awesome power for your Pontiac. The Gibson super flow muffler for Pontiac vehicles is mandrel-bent to ensure smooth curves thereby reducing further restriction within the structure. In addition to greater power and torque, you get awesome sound. The Gibson muffler produces a deep, primal growl that attracts head turning looks from all around. The engineers tightly package the acoustics materials to ensure sound degradation does not take place.

    Alternatively consider the Borla stainless steel cat-back exhaust system, which comes with a split rear exit. Borla exhaust systems for Pontiac vehicles are famous because of their durability and reliability. The manufacturers use austenitic stainless steel to fabricate this unit, ensuring that it is ultra resistant to corrosion and rust. Add to this the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. You may also opt to install the Corsa polished stainless steel twin pro-series tips for Pontiac. The Corsa exhaust tips for Pontiac vehicles come fully polished with a glossy look to accentuate your car’s gleaming exterior. Installing any of these exhaust systems is easy. The manufacturers issue a detailed instruction manual complete with color images to guide you during installation. They also come with a limited guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the Pontiac.

    Unbridled power and outrageous sound - that's what accompanies each exhaust system we store for you on our digital shelves. Manufactured from the premium materials using the latest technologies, they all are ready to complete the image of your vehicle and give you instant horsepower and torque gains. After an exhaust system is installed, your vehicle will roar like a lion and run like a cheetah. Have doubts? Read over 8 exhaust system reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the product that will satisfy your needs.

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    2010 Pontiac G6
    Posted by

    "This unit was purchased to replace a clogged catalytic converter on a 2009 Pontiac G6 4-cylinder engine, where the converter is built into the exhaust manifold. Product fit Ok and came with gaskets, which was a plus. On the OEM unit, the heat shield bolted to the exhaust manifold and there was no place to make this connection with the Magnaflow unit. The heat shield also had to be bent some to be reinstalled at all. The OEM unit had threaded holes for the heat sink bolt and other attachment points. The Magnaflow had these connection holes, but they were not threaded and I had to search for bolts to use as the OEM bolts could not be reused. It was the same with attaching the manifold to the exhaust pipe. The OEM unit had studs threaded into it and the Magnaflow just had drilled holes, which I had to find bolts to fit, which of course was not expecting and did not have any readily available, which extended the installation time. Overall, it worked OK. I don't think they should call it a direct fit until they fix these little issues. Including bolts would have been extremely helpful and saved me a lot of time. "

    2003 Pontiac Grand Prix
    Posted by

    "Great addition to the car that has a new engine as of three weeks ago. After the break in period, people were looking twice because they couldn't believe it was a Grand Prix. Has the perfect level of aggressive sound. "

    2007 Pontiac Solstice
    Posted by

    "I had a local muffler shop install the system. They had no problems, and their install price was reasonable. At first, I was somewhat disappointed in the system, as I expected the exhaust note to change dramaticallly, and it did not. However, after a rather lengthy (to me) burn in period, it did change. I was suprised at the time required for the system to "burn in". I did not make any long trips, and it took several shorter "in town" runs for the "burnt smell" to go away and the exhaust note to noticablly change. So far, I'm quite satisfied with the system."

    2008 Pontiac G8
    Posted by

    "This is the second corsa exhaust i have purchaced, i love Corsa, no welding and they take the car and make the exhaust just for the car, to get perfect sound and performance!!!!"