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Starting manufacturing cars in 1926 and evolving into a maker of large, comfortable, ponderous highway cruisers, the GM’s Pontiac division made a drastic turn in 1964 when the Tempest GTO came out. Sporting a 389 cu in. V8 in a relatively compact body, this car was one of the first of what would later become known as a “muscle car” era. The success of the concept spawned the not any less popular Firebird and the Firebird Trans Am pony cars, which became some of the most legendary and coveted cars of the time. The 80’s Pontiac Fiero was another sporty 2-seater by the company, offering stylish looks, accurate handling and potent engines, evolving into one of the most fun to drive compact domestic coupés.

If you want to bring a classic Pontiac back on track and let the good old muscle car burn the rubber once again, you might find the parts and accessories you need at our online store. Check out our stock of Pontiac auto glass for your restored classic – these new windows will bring back the shine and gloss of a brand-new car to your Pontiac, complete with the necessary hardware like channels, gaskets and mouldings. Crafted by renowned manufacturers, these window kits and accessories will serve you for years, ensuring the impeccable looks and uncompromised functionality of your car.

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Car owners replace the glass in their vehicle for one of two reasons: the first reason is that the existing glass has broken. On modern cars with "safety glass", the glass is either a laminated sandwich of two pieces of glass with a sheet of plastic in the center, or the glass is tempered. All windshields on modern cars use laminated glass so that the glass remains...