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Replacing the short-term Plymouth Volare and Road Runner, Plymouth Reliant was introduced in 1981. Being a compact car, it gained a mid-size status from the United States Environmental Protection Agency due to its extensive interior and six-passenger seating. Also known as one of the first from two so-called "K-cars", Plymouth Reliant (Reliant K) was produced by the Chrysler Corporation. The reason why this vehicle was called "Reliant K" was also to accentuate the importance of its K-platform. The other "K-car" was Dodge Aries. Raising the quality bar for American automakers, both of these cars managed to help Chrysler get rid of bankruptcy.

Offering a radically new front-wheel drive, Plymouth Reliant was equipped with four cylinder engine. Three trim levels (base, mid-level SE, and high-end Custom, which was later renamed LE) were available for Reliant coupe and sedan. Relaint station wagon was only offered in SE and Custom/LE trims. Unlike base model, other models offered front bucket seats (preferred to the standard bench), which could be ordered by customers. The Reliant wagon in "Custom/LE" trim level was available with exterior woodtone siding with customer's desire. Gaining a revised hood ornament, a compact car no longer had a Plymouth logo, but Chrysler Pentastar. The other change was the roll-down rear door windows that replaced the stationary glass with rear quarter pop-outs.

The 2.2-liter engine now featured black painted valve cover, when it used to be blue. The grille was blacked out in 1983, and in 1984 it received the Chrysler Pentastar. Significant changes in design were made in 1985 with new, rounder front and rear fascias. Powered by 82-hp 2.2-liter in-line four-cylinder engine (which was replaced by fuel injection system in 1986), the Reliant came with 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission. After the base model was renamed "America" in 1987, no significant improvements were found on Plymouth Reliant parts. In 1989, the last year of production, station wagon was not offered, and Plymouth Acclaim replaced the Relaint, while Plymouth Laser liftback replaced the coupe.

Efficient driving along with plenty of versatility thanks to Reliant parts trusted all over the world is how the Plymouth Reliant gets the job done. With enough spaciousness inside the vehicle to carry along some friends for the ride, the Plymouth Reliant boasts a deceptively roomy cabin that delivers on the comfort. Pleasant to look at, as well, it's no wonder why drivers of this model remain steadfast in their commitment and wht they are so eager to enhance their Reliants with stylish accessories.

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