Plymouth Prowler Dash Covers

About Plymouth Prowler Dash Covers

The Plymouth Prowler is probably the most handsome manly car in the Plymouth family! Its exterior body design is nothing like anything else in the modern US automotive history! It's a mixture of retro and modern style, a perfect combination of what is called elegance, luxury and sports car identity. This roadster was manufactured in a limited edition of almost 12.000 pieces, making it vey unique and desirable for car collectors all over the world.

Limited edition cars are usually 100% packed with little modifications to be made. This Plymouth Prowler isn't an exception. For the late 90s it had everything you might dream of. But years go by and technology implements new innovations. CARiD is a perfect place to make your vehicle up-to-date. We have quality Plymouth Prowler dashboard covers made of suede and velour to make your cabin look better and to protect you and your passengers from bright sun light and harmful UV-rays. Be sure we offer products only by the trusted and respectful brands, such as Coverlay, DashMat, Coverking and Dash Designs. They make these interior products easy to install and wash if it is needed, the colors won't fade!

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