Plymouth Horizon Dash Covers

    About Plymouth Horizon Dash Covers

    The Plymouth Horizon is a subcompact car being produced for European auto market under the Chrysler, Simca and Talbot nameplates. For Americans it was sold as the Dodge Omni or Plymouth Horizon. It has four engines under 2.0 L in volume which is very fuel efficient but not really American like. It was perfect for France and Italy with their narrow streets and driving philosophy. The Horizon has astonishing 15 different trim levels telling that Dodge designers and engineers were aimed to satisfy every customer giving a wide variety of features inside the car.

    At CARiD you can easily spread these features by adding custom parts and accessories available here in a great quantity. No matter what you want, interior, exterior or interior improvements, we will do our best to help you! Coverking and Dash Designs did a great job to create custom one-piece molded dashboards covers for your Plymouth Horizon. They are simple to install and easy to wash if there is a need. Their main function is to protect you from dreadful sun light reflections while being on the road. And these interior parts do it just great! CARiD is a place where quality parts wait for you!

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    Plymouth Horizon was available in the following models:
    Base • TC3 • Miser • TC3 Miser • E-Type • TC3 Custom • TC3 Turismo • Custom • Turismo • Turismo 2.2 • SE • America