Peugeot Fuel System Parts

Offered on our site are the K&N Inline Fuel Filters, a quality technologically advanced part that guarantees peak performance and superior engine protection. These Peugeot fuel delivery parts are designed to prevent all the engine killing crud from rust, cheap fuels and dirty tanks from getting to the engine. Although they are great for all types of cars they are particularly exceptional in track cars, race cars and other high performance street machines. They can be plumbed into new or existing fuel systems and are available in inlet/outlet sizes from 6AN-12AN & -10 Wiggins to -12 Wiggins. They feature a high performance stainless steel mesh filtration media that also offers excellent fuel flow qualities. Therefore they ensure the supply of sufficient fuel to the engine with flow rates of 18gpm for a powerful performance. They are also housed in an anodized aluminum casing that is further emblazoned with the K&N logo for enhanced style. To further enhance their capacity at filtration and fuel flow they are extra large with an area of 60sq inches. They also feature high pressure rating of up to 205psi further making them ideal for high performance applications. Since they are extensively tested they work seamlessly with all types of fuels including methanol. You will get to choose the filter you need for your particular application with filters rated from 25 to 100 microns. They are further backed with a 1 year warranty in case of any damages.

Also featured prominently on our digital shelves is the Spectra Premium/Fuel Tank Filler Neck. These Peugeot fuel delivery parts are designed to eliminate any expensive fuel leaks. They are dual coated for enhanced corrosion and rust resistance. They weigh 2.8lbs and are made with heavy gauge steel for enhanced efficiency and durability. They are further backed with a limited lifetime warranty from Spectra.

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    • FRAM® Fuel Filter
      (0 reviews)
      # 4456
      Fuel Filter by FRAM®. Keep the fuel clean with In-Line Gasoline Fuel Filter by FRAM. This unit is designed specially for protecting the engine and fuel system of the vehicle. It traps and holds the smallest dirt particles which can...
      $3.40 - $63.79
    • MANN-Filter® Fuel Filter
      (2 reviews)
      # 4640
      Fuel Filter by MANN-Filter®. Modern high performance injection systems place high demands on the quality and purity of fuel. MANN-Filter fuel filters ensure that dirt particles and any water contained in the fuel do not damage the...
      $2.66 - $94.44
    • Delphi® Fuel Pump Module Assembly
      (2 reviews)
      # 5779
      Fuel Pump Module Assembly by Delphi®. As a leading OE supplier to the automotive industry, Delphi holds more than 30 OE-proprietary innovations and 150 patents in fuel module and pump design. As a result, Delphi fuel pumps restore...
      $14.55 - $581.50
    • Hastings® Fuel Filter
      (2 reviews)
      # 4772
      Fuel Filter by Hastings®. This filter is designed to protect fuel system components, such as injection pumps and injectors, from damaging contaminants, including water, bacteria, non-combustible materials, wax, and tar-like...
      $1.92 - $71.08
    • GB Remanufacturing® Remanufactured Multi Port Fuel Injector
      (4 reviews)
      # 5312
      Remanufactured Multi Port Fuel Injector by GB Remanufacturing®. OE-quality or better performance at a reduced cost is what you'll get with this remanufactured multi-port fuel injector. This injector is an exact OEM replacement...
      $27.18 - $102.14
    • Spectra Premium® Electrical Fuel Pump
      (0 reviews)
      # 5352
      Electrical Fuel Pump by Spectra Premium®. Designed to replace your worn out or damaged fuel pump, this product guarantees OE fit, form, and function. The pump is endurance tested and validated by accredited, third party lab to...
      $6.62 - $660.13
    • Beck Arnley® Fuel Filter
      (0 reviews)
      # 6390
      Fuel Filter by Beck Arnley®. For one hundred years, Beck/Arnley has been providing premium OE quality parts for vehicles. Beginning with motorcycle parts in 1914 and transitioning to import vehicles in the 1950’s, brand...
      $4.42 - $76.08
    • Bosch® Fuel Injector
      (0 reviews)
      # 5901
      Fuel Injector by Bosch®. Replace a defective fuel injector and get rid of poor fuel economy and sluggish performance. The fuel injector from Bosch is a cost-effective solution when you need a compatible replacement part. It...
      $6.70 - $744.71
    • GB Remanufacturing® Fuel Injector Seal Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # 5313
      Fuel Injector Seal Kit by GB Remanufacturing®. GB Remanufacturing is your one-stop shop for injector seal kits containing quality components that will help you do a repair job quickly and effectively. Its expanded line of seals...
      $2.38 - $14.97
    • Beck Arnley® Electric Fuel Pump
      (0 reviews)
      # 6391
      Electric Fuel Pump by Beck Arnley®. For one hundred years, Beck/Arnley has been providing premium OE quality parts for vehicles. Beginning with motorcycle parts in 1914 and transitioning to import vehicles in the 1950’s, brand...
      $54.19 - $485.42
    • Motorcraft® Fuel Filter
      (2 reviews)
      # 5538
      Fuel Filter by Motorcraft®. Keep fuel clean with this premium product from Motorcraft. Manufactured from a 300-series stainless steel, this fuel filter traps and holds the smallest dirt particles, which can lead to poor performance...
      $2.36 - $348.41
    • Beck Arnley® Fuel Injector
      (1 reviews)
      # 6392
      Fuel Injector by Beck Arnley®. For one hundred years, Beck/Arnley has been providing premium OE quality parts for vehicles. Beginning with motorcycle parts in 1914 and transitioning to import vehicles in the 1950’s, brand...
      $30.92 - $780.99
    • Spectra Premium® Fuel Pump Strainer
      (0 reviews)
      # 5360
      Fuel Pump Strainer by Spectra Premium®. Left unprotected, dirt and debris could quickly destroy an electric fuel pump. The fuel pump strainer is the pump’s first line of defense, preventing dirt, debris, and other contaminants...
      $6.62 - $660.13
    • Precise® Electric Fuel Pump
      (2 reviews)
      # 5437
      Electric Fuel Pump by Precise®. This product is designed and manufactured by the original equipment supplier to replace your worn out or damaged fuel pump at an affordable price. It's 100% performance tested to ensure excellent...
      $2.56 - $98.90
    • Bosch® Electric Fuel Pump
      (4 reviews)
      # 5902
      Electric Fuel Pump by Bosch®. Bosch state-of-the-art turbine fuel pumps offer many advantages when compared to older roller-cell and inner-gear pump designs. Not only do these pumps offer near silent operation and improved...
      $8.54 - $508.72

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