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All cars sway. Trucks, too. It’s in their nature, because their suspensions allow the wheels to move to accommodate bumps in the road. Potholes, too. Some suspension compliance is necessary to keep that all-important rubber on the road. But that means that when you take a corner, the vehicle sways to the outside as it transfers weight to the outside wheels. Sway bars don’t cause sway - they reduce the amount of sway.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Performance Sway Bars the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Eibach, Hotchkis, ST Suspensions, Hellwig, Skyjacker, Energy Suspension, Omix-Ada, Lakewood, Agency Power the Performance Sway Bars we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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At CARiD, we have sway bars in different stiffnesses, and even sway bars with adjustable stiffness, and mounting bushings that are made of harder materials like less-squishy urethane, to help the sway bars work better. Changing the size of the front or rear sway bar will change the car’s understeer/oversteer balance, so aftermarket sway bars are a great way to tune up your suspension to your taste.

We have sway bars, bushings, and accessories for street cars, full-on race cars, and a great selection of parts for off-road trucks to boot. We can help you build up an amazing canyon racer, a trophy-winning autocross car, a custom show car, or a dropped or lifted truck. Making your vehicle corner flatter is a matter of modifying the suspension of course, but sometimes the simplest mods are the most rewarding. You can bolt on a set of larger, lower-profile tires, but you won’t see much extra grip if you can’t keep them flat on the ground. Simply adding a sway bar is a 30-minute operation that can pay off in better handling for the life of the vehicle.

Got a big off-road truck or rock-crawler? Then you know that sway bars are really meant for the street - good grip on really uneven surfaces like a boulder-strewn trail calls for soft springs and lots of suspension travel, the exact opposite of what you want on the racetrack. That’s why we have sway bar disconnects, which make it easy to make your truck off-road ready. Install a set of these, and you can drive safely to the trailhead, pull the sway bar links, and off-road all day. Then take five minutes to put the links back on and be safe on the ride home. It takes less time than airing the tires up or down. Make your truck just as capable on the road as it is on the trail.

Even if you autocross regularly, don’t be saddled with sway bars that are so stiff they make your latte spill. We have adjustable sway bars that you can stiffen up in just a minute by moving a pin or bolt. Go softer for commuting, and then get stiff for the weekend. And different sway bar settings let you make your car oversteer for tight pylon courses, and more neutral or even slightly understeering for high-speed courses. It’s a better way to tune your handling that lets you maintain the best tire pressures for the most grip. The tight switchbacks on a slalom pylon course will make the flattest-cornering car the fastest. Instantaneous weight transfer rules at these events, and stiff, fat sway bars are how to get it.

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Needed This!
2002 Chevy Silverado | Posted by Kenneth | (New Tripoli, PA)

I had to destroy the old one to get it off. I did not want to crawl under anything at the U-pull-it and pay for a rusted part. This shipped within a day and is brand new. Of course the shipping was more than the part, but I can live with that!

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