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Bushings are minor players in the auto parts world, but without them, your car would be much noisier. They allow suspension components to pivot without transmitting noise or vibration, or requiring lubrication. Most OE bushings are made of rubber, however, its flexibility can allow excessive play in the system, which can affect handling when the vehicle is driven aggressively. Polyurethane is more rigid and the material of choice for performance bushings.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Performance Suspension Bushings the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Daystar, Hotchkis, Skyjacker, Energy Suspension, Daystar, Omix-Ada the Performance Suspension Bushings we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Bushings are used where the body mounts to the frame or subframes, to help isolate the passenger compartment from shock, vibration, and noise. For the same qualities they're also used where steering racks and differentials are mounted to the frame or body. Besides their cushioning properties, bushings can also twist and return to their original shape many times before they wear out, which makes them ideal for suspension parts that pivot.

Polyurethane bushings may be best for performance applications, but rubber bushings are just fine when a soft, quiet ride and factory spec handling is desired. Rubber is softer and more compliant than polyurethane, allowing it to absorb more shock and vibration. It supplies more cushioning than polyurethane and tends to operate more quietly, for a smooth, silent ride. Rubber bushings are perfect for repair or rebuild jobs on a stock vehicle that won’t be driven aggressively. They’re fine for factory like ride and handling.

However, the same qualities that make rubber bushings great for stock applications make them inadequate for high performance use. Rubber’s compliance allows too much flexibility in critical suspension joints when a vehicle is driven hard. When the steering wheel is turned or a control arm or shock absorber moves, part of the motion is used up compressing the rubber bushings. Instead of one part moving directly in response to another, there is a momentary hesitation while the rubber compresses before the part moves. The result is steering and handling that is mushy and imprecise.

In contrast, polyurethane bushings are much more rigid than rubber. With polyurethane, while the vehicle ride can be firmer, handling will be much sharper and steering more precise. Connections between suspension parts will be more direct, and the suspension will be more perfectly aligned. When you turn the steering wheel, the car will turn directly in response to your input. Polyurethane bushings will also last much longer than rubber because they’re impervious to the contaminants that usually cause rubber to deteriorate.

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It was easy find it, get it, install it any questions.

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