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Having a vehicle that runs at its best allows you to go anywhere you like with a minimum of fuss, so you want to make sure your maintenance schedule is working properly. There are a number of things that can go wrong when you are not maintaining your vehicle, because there are many components and they all need to be running at their best. You surely want to keep the crankshaft working perfectly, and we have all the crankshaft components you need.

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When it comes time to replace a broken component, or you decide you need to add the perfect accessory, you want to make sure you have access to a wide variety of parts. This is why CARiD has every part you need, for every vehicle you own, so you can get the perfect part to solve any problem you are currently having, install it and then move on without the stress.

Your crankshaft is important because it sits inside the engine and causes the wheels to turn after fuel and air have exploded, and the individual components inside the crankshaft are no less important. When one or more of them breaks, or begins to break, you will know about it because the vehicle will stop working as well as you expect it to. So we have all the crankshaft components you need, which means you can easily replace a component when you identify that it is becoming a problem, or when you decide it has become a problem.

There are a few parts involved in your crankshaft, and it is important to replace each one if a problem occurs with it. For instance, the crankshaft bearing is an integral part of the crankshaft because it supports the crankshaft while it is working, and is in fact the method by which the crankshaft turns. The crankshaft bearing needs to be well lubricated to avoid problems with too much heat or friction, and this is where the crankshaft bearing gasket enters the picture to ensure lubrication does not escape and is always available for the bearing.

Problems with the parts in and around your crankshaft can be serious, and they can occur with very little warning. Because of the pressure, friction and temperature surrounding your crankshaft bearing, it can suffer problems like cracking, breaking or general wear, and these problems can cause the crankshaft to stop working properly, or to stop working completely. The gasket will of course wear out over time, as is the case with all gaskets, and this will cause quite serious problems if you allow it to continue in its worn out state.

When these problems occur, there are a number of symptoms to warn you, and they can be quite serious. When the bearing is not working as well as it is supposed to be, your crankshaft can stop spinning properly and this can cause problems like the vehicle not idling properly, the vehicle being unable to rev over a certain number of revs per minute, and others. If you notice lubrication leaks from areas toward the bottom of the engine, you will need to check the crankshaft bearing gasket because it would appear that it has worn out and reached the end of its useful life.

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    Internal combustion engines are extremely complex and feature a wide array of components that rotate, move up and down, pump, seal, or remain stationary. When repairing or rebuilding your engine, you will come across many different terms when referencing repair manuals and ordering parts. We know it can be confusing, especially when the repair is complex. Even if you are paying a professional to do the work, it’s good to be conversant with the topic. In order to help you understand the terminology of engine components, we’ve created the following glossary, listed in alphabetical order.

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4.8 of 5
2012 Ford F-150 / Posted by Joseph (Henderson, NV) /

The crank is good but the journals where undersized. I Had some problems installing Bearings, but it fitted perfect after all. I recommend to measure rod journals before ordering bearings.

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