2001 Volkswagen Jetta paints

After you decided to get a body part, which suits your 2001 Volkswagen Jetta and your style best, you need to choose the right paint-finish for it. Good news! All 2001 Volkswagen Jetta parts that we've gathered for you at CARiD.com can be ordered with a custom paint job in order to get the exact OEM paint color.

1W1W/LA1W Mojave Beige Metallic
41 Silber Metallic Matte
5Z5Z/LA5W Blue Lagoon Metallic
7D/7D7D/9967/LB5N Indigo Blue Pearl
7P/LG3S Bright Red Pearl
7W7W/LG5V Galactic Blue Pearl
8E/8E8E/LA7W Reflex Silver Metallic
8Z/8Z8Z/LC6X Baltic Green Pearl
9004/A2/LY9B Brillantschwarz
9010/A1/A1A1/L041 Black
9021/9930/B4/B4B4/LB Candy White
9033/9048/9093/Z4 Black Magic Pearl
9071/LC6M/T3/T3T3 Bright Green Pearl
9301/9310/G2/G2G2/LY Tornado Red
B7B7/LA9B Cool White
LC9Z Black Magic Pearl
LG9R/P4P4 Silver Arrow Metallic