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OR-Fab Off-Road Accessories

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    Or Fab is a company with a particular purpose, and that purpose is making off-road trips much more enjoyable than they have been in the past. The range of products are designed to improve the way your vehicle drives off-road while making your trip easier, and the high quality of the products will attest to the improvements in your next trip. Of course, you may think your trips are fine now but once you see the range of products on offer, you will quickly change your mind!

    One of the great products Or Fab offers is a light bar, which is designed to fit to the front of a range of vehicles and provide a number of places for lights. This allows you to light up the road ahead of you like never before, so you can stop worrying about being surprised by something jumping out of the shadows at you. The peace of mind it offers is bettered perhaps only by the easy install process, which allows you to have your new light bar up and running in no time!

    Or Fab also offers tire carriers, which are designed to make your next trip safer and more convenient by giving you an easy place to securely carry a spare tire. By installing one in the bed of your truck, you can have more room for the other things you need without worrying about the tire getting in the way, and the easy access means you do not have to worry about how long it will take you to get to the tire in the rain. They are designed to be easy to install so you will not even need to spare much time.

    Of course, one part of the vehicle you cannot ignore is the underside, and Or Fab has this covered with their range of skid plates. They are made from the kind of materials that can protect the underside from all sorts of damaging debris like rocks, bumpy roads and heavy dirt mounds, and they can continue working even after the first few hits. With an Or Fab skid plate installed, you can stop worrying about whether an unexpected bump is going to stop you in the tracks and leave you with a serious repair bill.

    As you can see, Or Fab has a wide range of products for your next journey and each one is designed to fit a specific vehicle, so they are built to be easy to install and to work with your vehicle without modification. The quality of materials being used, and the quality of the manufacturing process, combine to deliver the kind of product you need for all the different tracks and roads you are going to drive along on your way to a weekend away from civilization, so the weekend can be even more enjoyable.

    When you consider products to protect and improve your vehicle, you obviously want to make sure you are getting the most out of your budget, so between Or Fab and CARiD you can get the lowest prices. This means you get to enjoy the benefits of a quality product for a long time to come, while having money left over in your budget to add even more products so you can make your vehicle work even better for your individual driving tasks. Your weekends away have never been more fun!

    OR-Fab Reviews
    Average rating: 4 4 - 1 reviews
    2001 Jeep Cherokee | Posted by Austin | (Liberty, NE)

    It's super easy to install, and it looks great after it's put on. It's not too heavy but it's durable and sturdy. Overall I'm pretty happy with it!

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