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Option-R is based in LA’s City of Industry, where they aggregate auto components and accessories from all over the world for their customers. Founded in 2002, Options’ supply-side knowledge and connections allows them to bring their customers the most cutting-edge accessories on the market. Whether it’s something as simple as faux carbon-fiber trim for your dashboard, a full SS cat-back exhaust system or a kit of LED interior lights, Option-R is there.

Option-R is a big supplier of lighting, both LED lighting for interiors and signal lights, and more conventional lighting. Convert much of the lighting on your car to LEDs and get not only a great look, but reduce the amount of current they draw. An aftermarket high-style headlight or taillight assembly can have a big effect on how your car looks to the world, as well as giving you a new outlook if you’re replacing a set of hazed-out headlamp lenses.

Exhaust systems are the lifeblood of your engine. Option-R has exhaust system components from the exhaust ports all the way back to the bumper, either individually or in kits. Upgrade to a lifetime stainless steel system, and improve exhaust flow over the stock system while doing so. Improved exhaust flow improves economy by allowing more exhaust gases out of the engine more easily, while permitting better cylinder filling for more power.

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  • Option-R® - Halo Headlights
  • Option-R® - Exhaust Systems
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  • Option-R® - Exhaust Systems
  • Option-R® - Projector Headlights
  • Option-R® - Projector Headlights
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  • Option-R® - Exhaust Systems
  • Option-R® - LED Headlights

Once you’ve got more power to put on the ground, it’s time to upgrade the suspension system. So you’ll want lowered springs, coilover shocks, suspension reinforcements like lower arm bars and strut tower bars, etc. All from Option-R, of course. Power isn’t any good unless you can put it to the ground. Whether you’re building a killer autocrosser, a canyon racer or just a serious Bad Ride street car, you’ll find ways for Option-R to improve your handling.

Once you’ve got your ride running right, it’s time to work on the exterior styling. Option-R can help with that, from full-on replica body kits to something as simple as a replacement mirror. Whether your mod is a full-on carbon fiber bumper/hood/trunk/wing combo or just a simple lip spoiler, it will leave your car uniquely yours, both in your own eyes and the eyes of all who see it. That’s important!

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poor exhaust system
1991 Acura Integra
| Posted by | (Bakersfield, CA)

Ok. I love my car so any car men or woman know what I am going to talk about when comes to your mine car. I love it. Well I got the pipe for you guys, it didn't fit, I had to have it cut re-welded bent and then had to have brackets cut and then re-welded to the body right . Ok so know I have a exhaust that has been cut up re-welded, it's disappointing when I order something and when I get it the box is all jacked up the pipe is all bent out of shape when I have to pay somebody to cut re-weld to make the exhaust fan under my body and my car is really disappointing.

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