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    Unique in it's class, Opel brings the joy of driving up the roadway. More than 150 years of manufacturing experience, utilizing the latest in innovation, allows Opel to manufacture premium cars. The experts at Opel make every meticulous detail worth your attention. But time passes by and it's a great pity to admit that nothing lasts forever in our fast moving world, and your auto parts are no exception. If you are looking for something that will match the factory quality and efficiency, take a glance at our auto parts catalog on CARiD.

    To restore your faulty systems or worn parts, replace them with premium components from our superior collection of repair parts that deliver the utmost in reliability and long life span. Premium repair parts include brake parts, air intake parts, engine cooling system parts, starting and charging parts, exhaust or engine parts, and many more. Boasting only trusted names such as Denso, Bosch, Fram, Wagner, Dorman, KYB, Gates, CARiD selects only those companies that carefully engineer their products according to high quality standards and ensure reliability you need.

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    Compact Opel Comes Back to the USA
    Compact Opel Comes Back to the USA

    When thinking about German automakers, one will surely think of BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, and Audi because we have all of those cars on our side of the Atlantic. In Europe though, those names would be joined by Opel. The good news is that soon we too will mention Opel when asked to list German car manufacturers. Planning to get rid of the import rivals, General Motors decided to bring an import of its own. The company is going to start selling Opel in 2013.

    Being European division of General Motors, Opel is rarely seen on the American roads. Probably, it is caused by the fact that GM has a lot of brands operating in the U.S. market, or because various Opel models have been sold here wearing Saturn, Cadillac, or even Buick badges. But now, with Omega-based Catera replaced by the CTS and with Saturn leaving us for good, we have only one Opel product, which is the Buick Regal based on the Opel Insignia. It is still unknown whether the U.S. Opel will be a brand-new product specifically made for the American consumers or something based on a current model. The rumors say that the new vehicle will be a small hatchback wearing an Opel badge and a nameplate Allegra or Junior.