Opel Astra Car Covers

The Opel Astra is a small hatchback vehicle meant for two or three passengers. Although some models have four doors, the two-door is the one that sells the most. If you purchased an Opel Astra you were probably thinking about affordability and economy. That’s a good thing! You know the value of a dollar. Did you also know that even the smallest amount of unsightly damage to your economical car can have a big impact on the trade in value? $500, $1000 off the trade in value just for faded or cracked paint? More if there are rust spots or corrosion. And that hail storm from last year, yeah, you won’t remember that until you get to the car lot. If you want to protect your Opel Astra from the elements, the sun’s UV rays that fade the paint, the rain that can cause rust and corrosion, and the bird feces, tree sap and bug remains, you must get a car cover.

Visit Carid.com where you will find a large selection of Opel Astra car covers that meet your needs. These covers are made of a naturally UV resistant fabric that screens out those harmful rays. Many of the cover options are weaved together into a breathable fabric. This means that the moisture that is trapped under the cover is allowed to escape, while at the same time preventing moisture from the outside getting in. Various strengths are available in car covers, from the single layer Universal cover to the Autobody Armor model with a quadruple layer of protection. The Autobody Armor protects from even damage caused by light hail storms. Need help choosing which one is right for you? Click on the Live Help button in the upper left hand corner of the page and chat with a sales specialist!

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Just as with an indoor cover, if you regularly drive your car you’ll want a cover that is light and easy to handle, whereas a cover for long term storage can be heavier. If you live in a rainy humid region you’ll want a cover that sheds water, dries quickly and is breathable so moisture can escape. Areas with intense sunlight will require a cover with maximum...