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Look up "fan belt" in any modern automotive dictionary, and you'll typically find a definition that reads, "An endless belt used to transmit power from a crankshaft-driven pulley to a pulley driving the fan, alternator, or other engine accessory. It is usually V-shaped in cross section with the point of the V fitting into a groove in the pulley".
This article will guide you through a generic tune up on most any car or light duty gasoline-powered vehicle built within the last 20 years or so. We will presume that you are tuning up your engine because it has reached the mileage or time point to do so, and that you are NOT performing a tune up to cure an engine performance defect. We make this distinction...
Does your ride have timing gears, a timing belt, or a timing chain? Is one better than the other? And perhaps most importantly, do I need to be concerned about the recommendation to replace the timing belt at a certain mileage interval? Welcome to our discussion of "engine timing".
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2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue | Posted by J Stephen | (Ã…rhus N, DENMARK)

This product arrived promptly and was shipped securely. It fit my vehicle exactly with no alterations. Overall, the whole transaction was flawless. I've ordered many parts and am very satisfied with them.

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