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    Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight sedans have an unusual beauty. This and the potent engine within their confines make them a trophy ride and great choice of vehicle to relive the glory of the 1970s – 1990s auto world. Make sure your Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight lives to its fame and maintains the good standing it already has in the hearts of admirers by outfitting it with a custom exhaust system. Oldsmobile exhaust systems are specially designed and built to give tons of performance. This they do by boosting exhaust flow, the direct effect of which is increase in power output. For the best quality of Eighty-Eight exhaust systems, go for the models sold by CARiD. CARiD is an authorized dealer of top brands such as Borla, Gibson, Flowmaster, MagnaFlow, Weapon-R, Onki, MBRP and Zunden. They have a range of complete exhaust systems as well as performance headers and mufflers that you can use to boost power gains to the maximum in your Eighty-Eight.

    Your Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight will feel capable of climbing up the most menacing of hilly roads and will actually prove to be stronger on the road. You’ll also enjoy the thrill of faster throttle response and more towing punch. Each Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight exhaust system from CARiD comes packed with powerful sound. Put together using the finest audio technology, the acoustic engineering employed in all our Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight exhaust systems gives unmatched levels of finesse in tone and pitch quality. Superior fine tuning ensures that you enjoy the best sound quality with no possibility of deteriorating or changing over time. Add to this the fact that you’re getting a high quality product that won’t need to be replacement in the near future. That’s right. Custom Eighty-Eight exhaust systems withstand even the harshest of weather and road conditions, and remain in use for years. The accompanying lifetime warranty ensures that you never buy another exhaust system for as long as you own the Eighty-Eight.

    Unbridled power and outrageous sound - that's what accompanies each exhaust system we store for you on our digital shelves. Manufactured from the premium materials using the latest technologies, they all are ready to complete the image of your vehicle and give you instant horsepower and torque gains. After an exhaust system is installed, your vehicle will roar like a lion and run like a cheetah. Have doubts? Read over 3 exhaust system reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the product that will satisfy your needs.

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    It has been a battle of the ages to make exhaust sound like it should. Having less bends or turns will not only improve the sound but also performance. A custom exhaust is always an option for the race inspired and spirited weekend warriors. Our manufactures offer everything needed to build a custom exhaust to your preference.
    The consensus opinion among exhaust flow experts is that any V8 engine will benefit from a dual exhaust system with an H-pipe or X-pipe. H-pipes were first installed to quiet this exhaust noise. As with the H-pipe, an X-pipe also affects the sound of the exhaust. With an X-pipe, the two sides of the exhaust system are merged. The exhaust pressure on both banks is equalized and power is increased at all engine speeds.

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    1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass
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    "These mufflers from Flowmaster are the quality I expected for my muscle car projects. They sound great and add performance to my rides. "

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    "Sounds amazing! Burnt rolled tip scratches off easy but still sounds great, it's all that matters."