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    Designer of Oldsmobile Aerotech Finally Drives His Brainchild
    Designer of Oldsmobile Aerotech Finally Drives His Brainchild

    Ed Welburn, GM’s vice president of design, has finally got a chance to drive his favorite creation - the famous Oldsmobile Aerotech. In spite of playing a key role in building the record-breaking race car, Welburn has only got behind the wheel of the Aerotech in nearly twenty three years since it was introduced.

    While the Oldsmobile brand has been ceased, the Aerotech series of experimental high-speed vehicles is still an achievement for modern automotive manufacturers to look up to. In particular, the first Oldsmobile Aerotech is known for setting a world-course speed record of 257.123 mph that has yet to be broken.

    The art and science of aerodynamics Ed Welburn learned during his work on the Aerotech has become a solid ground for all his projects since then. Thus, however weird it may sound, the Chevrolet Volt owes a lot to the Aerotech. While an electric family car carries little resemblance to a speed record-setting race car, a number of the aerodynamic details used in the Aerotech’s design do reappear in the Volt’s finalized form.

    “Aero is very important to me today,” Ed Welburn notes, “and I credit that push and knowledge to being involved with Aerotech.