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    Couple this range of thematic color with the fact that each and every single member of the Noir Wheels collection showcases unique and exclusive designs and styles that are trendsetters in their own right, and it is easy to see how the brand managed to create waves in the short time it has been around. Of course, being part of the Tristar Global Inc. family has provided Noir Wheels with the benefit of its insights into the industry as well as manufacturing expertise, so the quality of its wheels do not disappoint either.

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    The key behind Noir Wheels' considerable appeal lies in its designs that play off the 'film noir' concept. Where conventional 'black and white' wheels mostly use machine polished 'white' tones contrasting against solid black, Noir Wheels provides a much more comprehensive spectrum of color that incorporates various shades of gray too. The brand reflects light in stunning fashion, bringing out the best of the wheels and guaranteeing that they will get noticed.

    • NOIR® - GAMBLER Black with Machined Face and Ring on Dodge Challenger
    • NOIR® - JET Black with Machined Face on Infiniti G35
    • NOIR® - VENDETTA Black with Machined Face and Lip Accents on Hummer H3
    • NOIR® - AIRLINER Black with Machined Face on Dodge Challenger
    • NOIR® - VENDETTA Black with Machined Face and Lip Accents on Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    • NOIR® - BLACK STAR Black with Machined Face and Lip Accents on Ford Ranger
    • NOIR® - AIRLINER Black with Machined Face on Nissan 370Z
    • NOIR® - JET Black with Machined Face on Jaguar XF

    As its name suggests, Noir Wheels draws its inspiration from the film noir genre that is associated with a low-key black and white style of visuals. True to this theme, the aftermarket wheels manufactured by Noir Wheels are entirely 'black and white,' and are a true reflection of the famous style of 40s and 50s Hollywood crime dramas. In that sense, the brand truly distinguishes itself from most other brands available on the market.

    Just like all its sister brands, Noir Wheels also makes use of the low pressure casting manufacturing process that provides denser, lighter, and stronger wheels compared to gravity casting. Already plans are in place for Noir Wheels and its sister brands to eventually start manufacturing one-piece aluminum forged wheels too. With the stringent quality control process and the state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques that are used, Noir Wheels is able to ensure that each and every one of its wheels are top notch and will not disappoint. Ever since it was first launched, Noir Wheels has been gathering momentum. Each new design that the brand unveiled has been a stunning success, and Noir Wheels also showcases its designs at various auto road shows as well as events. In no small part, the decision to actively market the brand at these events has helped it to get noticed and contributed in a big way to the brand's rapid ascension as more and more enthusiasts see firsthand how unique its wheel designs and styles really are.

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    1997 Ford F-150
    | Posted by | (Dry Prong, LA)

    They look good on my 97 f150 but I wish they had these with red and black instead of aluminum and black. Their good and we'll made.

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