Nitrous Express Products

Innovation and Quality You Can Trust

Since 1978, Nitrous Express has been providing the kind of products that make a serious difference in the way a vehicle drives. There are many ways to make a vehicle go faster, and Nitrous Express knows how to do it in ways that people have dreamed of for a long time, and they do it with the kind of quality your vehicle deserves. If you are looking to make your vehicle stand out on the drag strip or track, then Nitrous Express has a number of solutions for you!

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    Included among their products are EFI nitrous systems, which are designed to work with your EFI engine so that you do not need to spend weeks and thousands of dollars changing things around. They are made to be relatively easy to install and are designed for specific engines, which means you know your particular engine is going to be looked after while it is giving you the times of your life! Now you can have the smoothness and fuel efficiency of EFI with the power of nitrous from Nitrous Express.

    Of course, those who run old-school carburetor engines are not left out because Nitrous Express has systems designed to give them the same benefits. They are designed to do it in such a way as to avoid damaging the carburetor or other parts of the engine, which means you can enjoy the excitement that comes from nitrous without having to worry about whether the engine is about to lose a massive chunk of its expected life. Having an older engine is no longer a good excuse for not having the power to destroy the competition.

    Your vehicle is made much more fun with Nitrous Express products, but you need the right electronics to make them work, and Nitrous Express has those covered too! With a range of arming switches, wiring harnesses, controllers and more, you can find everything you need to make sure you are able to access the power as soon as you need it. Because they are all made by the same company, you know they are going to work properly together without having to spend days trying to make them talk to each other.

    Nitrous Express has the amount of experience you need from a company offering products like these, so you know they are going to be of the high quality you need. This means you can install them once and then enjoy them for a long time without worrying about low quality materials interfering with the amount of fun you are having, or about bad manufacturing leaving you stranded when you wanted the power most. You may not pay much attention to quality but you certainly will once you see the quality in Nitrous Express products.

    When you are considering the right product for your vehicle, you obviously want to make sure you are spending the right amount of money from your budget, so with CARiD you know you are going to get the price you need. This leaves money over for even more fun parts while ensuring you have the quality products you deserve, so it becomes difficult to remember why you did not do this a long time ago. With the combination of CARiD and Nitrous Express, your vehicle will give you the fun you did not think you could have!