Nissan Xterra Hitch Covers

If you are looking for a certified off roader machine with lots of space, consider the Nissan Xterra SUV. This vehicle has the capacity to excel on paved roads as well as off the beaten path. It’s spacious and large enough to accommodate a small family and their luggage. It provides the luxurious comfort of a SUV at a reasonable fuel economy. It has a muscular engine which gives it tremendous towing potential. You need a high quality trailer hitch for this SUV to ensure no ‘incidents’ occur in the middle of your trip. CARiD stocks top quality Nissan Xterra from the most reputable brands in the country. They stock weight-carrying hitches and weight-distribution hitches for small and medium trailers. Larger trailers are best supported by Gooseneck and 5th wheel hitches. You need to consider load distribution on the trailer. A weight-carrying hitch dumps all the tongue weight on the rear axle making the back heavy and the front light. You will need an equalizing hitch to push some of that weight forward to the front axle to ensure stability on the road.

Alternatively, install a weight-distribution hitch, which has an in-built spring bar mechanism to transfer some of that weight to the front tires. The Nissan Xterra trailer hitches are designed to provide precise fitment even to the earliest models. You are assured that a hitch to fit your vehicle perfectly is in stock, available for you. Nissan Xterra trailer hitches come completely welded and ready to bolt onto your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Manufacturers also provide an installation manual to guide you systematically through the process. In addition, CARiD also has in stock all the necessary accessories required to set up your hitch such as hitch covers, electrical connectors and other such components. Installing a top grade hitch gives you peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on other matters as you tow away your trailer.