Nissan Leaf Sun Shades

    About Nissan Leaf Sun Shades

    Your Leaf is an important tool in your day to day life, so you spend a great deal of time driving it. This makes keeping your interior at its best a priority, because you see it so often, so you want to protect it from the sun that shines down onto it every day. The resulting wear and tear is going to be ugly to look at in the days to come, and can hurt the vehicle’s resale value, so we have a wide range of Nissan Leaf sun shades.

    Each shade is designed to reflect the harmful rays of the sun so that they can’t reach your interior to do damage and a by-product of this is that you can leave your car parked in the sun without having to worry about it feeling like an oven when you get in. We stock brands like WeatherTech, Coverking and others, to ensure that you get products with the highest quality that will last for a long time. We even have the information you need to find the product that suits your budget, vehicle and tastes so you can’t go wrong!

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    Nissan Leaf was available in the following models:
    SL • SV • S