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    Nissan Unveils Photo of the Finished Juke-R
    Nissan Unveils Photo of the Finished Juke-R

    The Nissan Juke-R prototype's unveiling was so long-expected as probably the model's actual bild. Nissan has been teasing with the initial details and the video of the project underway for a long time. Having kept us on toes with a series of teasing videos of the project for a few weeks, the automaker has finally revealed one decent image of the finished model.

    As for Nissan Juke-R itself, Nissan equipped this small crossover with the GT-R's drivetrain. The top-of-the-line car shared its 3.8-liter twin-turbo 480-horsepower V6, the advanced all-wheel-drive system, and the twin-clutch transmission. Sure, the Juke went through a complete makeover, being rebuilt in order to adjust to the engine twice bigger than the size of the one it was designed for.

    At last, two prototypes are offered by Nissan, the right-hand drive Nissan Juke-R (for Japan and England where the prototype was built itself) and the left-hand drive one (for the rest of the world). The solitary photo of Nissan Juke-R was unveiled in front of members of the press at a demo which took place in Spain.

    Nissan Expects to Continue Nabbing Share from Honda, Toyota
    Nissan Expects to Continue Nabbing Share from Honda, Toyota

    The Nissan company says that it is able to continue gaining market share from Honda and Toyota in North America, though it was affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that rocked northern Japan. While the production on Honda and Toyota manufacturing facilities slowed, because of the shortage of auto parts, Nissan overcame this problem by producing the vehicles it had enough parts to build.

    Last month in the United States, Nissan’s sales were up 11 percent, while Toyota and Honda were both off 21 percent. Nissan's sales increased 15 percent compared to Honda’s 2 percent gain and Toyota’s 4 percent drop off so far in 2011. Nissan's 12 percent gain even outpaces Ford. Nissan does not sound optimistic about the Honda's chances, though the gap between these rivals narrows, says the Wall Street Journal.

    Nissan Plans Bringing Two New Small Cars to U.S.
    Nissan Plans Bringing Two New Small Cars to U.S.

    The automotive industry of today can be compared with a snake, which is dancing to charmer’s pipe, or speaking literally, skyrocketing gas prices. Small cars become more attractive and Nissan plans to keep pace with the times. According to recent report, the Japanese automaker will add two new B-segment vehicles, a small car and a compact MPV to its North American product lineup.

    The company intends to spend $400 million on the production of these two new models in its Mexico facilities. Both will be based on Nissan’s new global V platform. These models are additions to Nissan’s lineup, which means that there are four models potentially heading to the U.S.

    There are no details on what these new small vehicles would be yet. Some automotive observers predict that one of the announced compacts could be the recently-axed model that Nissan was considering to build for distribution by Smart in the U.S. There are lots of other possibilities, though, with the previous B-segment platform being used for many models, from the Nissan Juke and Cube, to the Bluebird Sylphy sedan and Note multi-purpose vehicle.