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    Porsche Panamera Based Nissan 350Z
    Porsche Panamera Based Nissan 350Z

    Lots of people imagined Panamera convertible, though the German auto manufacturer is not going to build one.

    The new meaning was found for this Nissan 350Z, being a cabrio it was converted into a Panamera-like vehicle. The project took a great amount of work. A lot of attention was payed to the slightest details which resulted in a perfect creation. A great amount of money was invested into the project, only the exterior kits cost more that $40,000. The interior was heavily modified, but the Porsche theme was left behind. The interior of this car draws the most attention, looks like it just snowed inside with everything white, all interior parts are covered with white leather.

    This vehicle was presented at the Tokyo Auto Salon. At first it was considered to be a Porsche Boxster with an extreme body kit and Porsche Panamera front, however when looking closer the similarities to the Nissan 350Z can be noticed.