Nissan 260Z-260ZX Hitch Covers

Nissan 260Z-260ZX models have a sharp styling design, powerful suspension and head turning, sporty looks. They provide a great ride quality and impressive handling. They are equipped with powerful engines, which provide tremendous towing ability. You need a high quality hitch to pull your trailer successfully from one point to another. CARiD are famous for the quality of their products. Their trailer hitches are durable and reliable. They obtain their hitches from the most reputable suppliers in the country. HIDDEN HITCH, DRAW-TITE, TOW READY and ONKI are just some of the brands they offer. You will need to identify your car’s towing potential before you select a trailer and its accompanying hitch. Towing beyond your weight class is a recipe for trouble. You are bound to damage your vehicle and risk endangering other road users. It is also important to ensure that the trailer weight is distributed evenly. Improper weight distribution is the primary cause of trailer sway on the road. It also causes steering difficulties for the driver.

Some of the products on offer include weight-carrying hitches, weight-distribution hitches, Gooseneck hitches and 5th wheel hitches. Weight-distribution hitches are a good choice because they come with a spring bar mechanism to transfer some of the weight forward to the front axle. Weight-carrying hitches usually dump a large part of their weight on the rear axle. You will need an equalizing hitch to help transfer some weight to the front wheels. This ensures stability on the road is enhanced. Nissan 260Z-260ZX trailer hitches come fully welded. They are designed to bolt right into your vehicle with minimal resistance. No adjustments are required to install the hitch. All you need is a set of the proper tools and an instruction manual to set it up. This task takes a few minutes to execute. It is easily accomplished at home or at your local repair shop.