Nissan 260Z-260ZX Dash Covers

About Nissan 260Z-260ZX Dash Covers

The classic sports car by Nissan from the company's renowned Z-series, the 260Z and 260ZX two-door coupés are definitely one of the most elegant and stylish Japanese cars ever made. For many drivers they have become an object of a real cult following, and that's no surprise what's with the 260Z's absolutely awesome and stunning looks and old-school rear-wheel drive mechanics resulting in a car that is engaging and fun to drive like no other. Gorgeous visuals, then-latest engine technology and accurate and responsive handling have made it one of the coolest coupés of the era, and the surviving 260Z's are bright examples of the classic 70's car design that shine even today.

Preserve your Nissan's dashboard from sun damage and UV bleaching with any of CARiD's exhaustive supply of high-quality dash covers. Nissan 260Z-260ZX dash covers we stock have been designed to fully comply with your car's internal dimensions for perfect fit and come in a variety of styles and materials so you can select whatever suits your coupé best. These premium items are guaranteed to protect your cabin from sun fading, as well as diminish the sun glare effect on the windshield for better visibility and a safer driving experience.

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